Crossroads Inn Launches This Month For PC

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Fantasy tavern management sim Crossroads Inn has a release date. It’ll launch for PC via Steam and GOG later this month.

Crossroads Inn was originally funded via Kickstarter back in March this year. Its creator Kraken Unleashed describes it as a “real-time management sim with RPG elements”. The game takes place entirely in the fantasy world of Delcrys. Your task is to attract customers to your inn and take care of its day-to-day management. Along the way, you’ll be swept up in a story full of political intrigue and drama as notaries and military figures visit your inn. Check out the trailer for Crossroads Inn below:

In gameplay terms, Crossroads Inn will offer a complex tavern management experience with various different variables to look out for. Different groups of customers will have different demands, so you’ll have to keep up with them. You’ll also need to keep on top of building and managing your tavern’s facilities and resources. Crossroads Inn will also feature a robust food system developed in conjunction with the folks over at Nerds’ Kitchen. The food system will involve creating new dishes, discovering new recipes, and making sure your menu is varied so you can attract different folks to your inn.

Crossroads Inn will launch on October 23rd for Steam and GOG. There will be two distinct modes for you to play through: a Campaign with twelve endings to shoot for and a Sandbox mode “dedicated to hardcore sim fans”. You’ll also be able to grab a Collector’s Edition at launch that comes with an illustrated cookbook, a Delcrys map, and lots more. The Standard edition has its fair share of extra stuff too. Check out the full list of what you can expect from both editions here.

Are you looking forward to checking out Crossroads Inn? Let us know in the comments below!

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