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Curate Rare Artifacts in Mondo Museum, Coming to Steam in 2020

Viewport Games and Kitfox Games have announced Mondo Museum, a brand-new management simulator that’s all about running your own museum because pretty much anything can be a sim game these days.

All About Mondo Museum

Simply put, Mondo Museum puts you in charge of a museum. You’ll start things off with laying out the structure that you’ll house all of your various artifacts, fossils, and art in. Once you have the walls up, place your choice of more than a hundred different items into the museum and kick open the doors!

Of course, it won’t be quite that shallow. Players will be able to organize these things into exhibits and fine-tune them in a variety of ways, gaining prestige as they attract more and more visitors. The better you manage your museum, the rarer artifacts you’ll be able to get!

Players won’t just have to concern themselves with dusty artifacts alone, mind — you’ll also have to tend to the needs of your guests and employees (as often happens in these kinds of games). Play your cards right and you’ll pick up a few extra bucks as they hit up the gift shop on their way out the door!

Mondo Museum Release Date

Mondo Museum certainly has an interesting premise. Management sims can be pretty hit or miss; while a good idea can provide a solid foundation, it’s all about the execution in the end.

If this game sounds like your kind of jam, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam right now. This upcoming title from Viewport Games and Kitfox Games will release sometime in 2020. Don’t forget to check out the Announcement Teaser Trailer below to see it in motion!

What do you think of Mondo Museum? Are you interested in running your own museum or are you more interested in different kinds of management games? Let us know in the comments below!

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