Cyber Monday brings the recently-released Nest Wifi its first big discount

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Your Wi-Fi router is boring tech. A Wi-Fi router should be one of those things you fiddle with once then never have to touch again and it just sits there like a lump of plastic and does its thing, day in and day out. A Wi-Fi router is just not cool the way something like a Nest Mini is.

Unless your Wi-Fi router is a Nest Wifi.

Speaker or speed, it’s up to you

Nest Wifi

One, two, three, or four?

Whether it’s for the Assistant support in the Wifi point or the pure power of the 4x4MIMO in each router, there’s a Nest Wifi setup for everyone. Amazon is your go-to place if you want all the power with its exclusive two router bundle.

Nest Wifi takes everything good from the original Google Wifi and everything good from the Nest Mini. It then mashes everything together to create a mesh Wi-Fi setup that’s robust, fast, easy to set up, and fills your house with Google Assistant.

This bundle from Amazon addresses one of the Nest Wifi downsides for the prosumer — ethernet ports. By using two routers rather than one router base and a satellite you’ll have the ability to use Ethernet cables to add a device without Wi-Fi access or even something like a switch if you need a bunch of Ethernet jacks. You do your network how you like it, no judging.

The two-router base bundle has one drawback of its own, though — you don’t actually have access to Google Assistant on the base stations. You’ll still have the uber-fast mesh Wi-Fi system to cover your whole house and can add more satellites that do have Google Assistant access, or just buy a Nest Mini from B&H while it’s on sale for $30.

It’s a bit of an odd configuration to see two router base stations in a single bundle, but in the end, it serves as the foundation for one of the best mesh Wi-Fi (or wired/wireless hybrid) setups you’ll be able to find.

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