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Ultimate Guide to The World of CYBERPUNK 2077

Today today
I want to take a deep dive into the game
and the gameplay and go over a load of
really granular specific information
about pretty much everything we know so
far if you guys caught my previous
videos then you’ll know that I had a
chance to go hands-on with the game for
about four hours and well that was the
very beginning of the game and thus I
didn’t get to try out some of the
endgame upgrades it did allow me to dive
into the menus and make a ton of notes I
wasn’t allowed to record any of my own
gameplay so everything you see here in
this video will under be from b-roll
previous gameplay demos or trailers but
I want to use this as an opportunity to
really give you a chance to get a deeper
look at the game for those of you that
are super exciting character creation
customization perks that salute open
world activities combat etc I want to
talk about all of it so consider this
your ultimate guide to the world of
cyberpunk 2077 if you will if you do
enjoy this then a lot could be super
appreciative and if you’re hyped for the
game then make sure you stick around as
we will be covering this pretty
extensively from now until launch so be
sure to terms of notifications so you
don’t miss a single video and simple or
now let’s star the top in cyberpunk you
player’s V a mercenary outlaw set to
take on the riskiest job of their life
the score is a prototype piece of cyber
wear that holds the key to immortality
with stakes this higher you need to be
prepared to enhance change and sacrifice
your body in order to overcome your
enemies and build your legend your story
begins with you carving out a foothold
in the city and learning what it takes
to make a name for yourself you’re
ambitious but inexperienced and during
the course of your story you’ll choose
how to develop yourself into a name
everyone in night city knows and
before your journey begins you need to
decide where you came from your
backstory inside Punk is not just a
throwaway choice it will actually
influence not only how your game begins
but some of the interactions you have
throughout the game the nomads are
typically found roaming the Badlands
looting scrap yards and raiding fuel
depots life on the road isn’t easy but a
lot of nomads grew up with their clan
around them which has its perks honesty
integrity and a love of freedom are all
qualities synonymous with nomads
and is something that you often don’t
find in regular knight city folk then
you have your street kids they say if
you want to understand the streets you
got to live them gangs fixes dolls and
small-time pushers you were raised by
all of them on the streets the law of
the jungle dictates that the weak serve
the strong the only rule of night city
that you have yet to break and then
finally you have the core pose for a few
people leave the corporate life and even
fewer do so with their soul intact
you’ve been there you’ve lived it you’ve
bent the rules exploit the secrets and
weaponized information for your own game
there’s no such thing as a fair game in
the corporate world only winners and
whatever your back story you’ll
eventually find yourself in night city
but keep in mind that your choice will
influence how you handle certain
situations for example a street kid
might have the necessary lingo to worm
his or her way out of a heated gang
debate but might not have the necessary
know-how to finesse their way through a
business meeting in the corporate world
where some choices will suit you nicely
others require you get a little bit more
inventive so just you toss them in the
sea cuff legs broken so this trash
doesn’t float
when it comes to character creation
there are tons of options to choose from
the game but you’re seeing in the
background is from an old 2019 gameplay
demonstration and the UI has actually
changed quite a bit since then most
notably it’s a lot more rigs but also
the layout is different but it will
still give you a good feel as to what
you’re able to tweak there are pre-made
faces for you to choose from if you wish
as well as your gender of choice
you even have skin tones skin types
voice tone hair style hair colors eyes
eye color eyebrows eyebrow color nose
mouth jaws is beard beard style beard
color your cyber wear the sort of tech
lines that appear on your face
your facial scores facial tattoos
piercings piercing colour your teeth
your eye makeup and color your cheek
makeup your blemishes nails body tattoos
nipples body scars and yes even your
genitals of which there are a few types
to choose along with sizes and hair down
there too so yeah it’s safe to say you
got a little customization to choose
from but most importantly yes you can be
bald with a big-ass beard which I’m
incredibly happy about your mystery go
closer with your physical appearance
customize to your liking you then need
to decide on your starting attributes
these are your character stats that will
influence how you play the game
cyberpunk doesn’t feature a class system
instead it has a fluid class system
whereby you build your character in a
way that you want to play within each of
these attributes there are plenty of
perks to unlock of which will touch on
shortly but top level you have the body
attribute which is essentially your raw
physical power this improves your health
reduces bullet spread increases your
melee damage and your max time in a pool
good if you want to run headlong into
battle like me it also determines how
long you can grapple enemies and
enhanced your skill using heavy weapons
like shotguns and machine guns the
reflex stat is coordination and speed
this increases your critical chance your
attack speed and increases your evasive
miss this skills – determines how
proficient you are with rifles handguns
and blades intelligence is intellect and
memory this reduces the difficulty level
of hacking shortens the time taken to
upload programs and the associative
memory pool it will also give you
additional dialogue options and enables
you to interact with more objects and
even opens up new paths around the world
your technical ability is your technical
aptitude this grants you armor and
increases your chances of harvesting
craftable loot it also directly
influences your crafting ability
specifically for weapons and your
proficiency with tech weapons this also
increase your effectiveness against
mechanical enemies furthermore tech
points will also provide additional
dialogue options in certain situations
and finally you have the cool stat of
the call attributes
this is yourself controlling your
willpower this improves your stealth and
your speed at which NPCs will notice you
it also increases your critical damage
and improves your effect resistances if
you plan to go down the stealthy
assassin route you will definitely would
invest in this skill when you create
your character you first have 7 points
to spend you can then spend them
wherever you like then as you play the
game and you progress you’ll level up
and unlock more points to spend there is
a 6 step called street cred this isn’t
something you actively spend points in
but again by completing activities doing
contracts completing bounties defeating
enemies and basically just play in the
game you’ll accrue more street cred and
street cred will unlock new vendors and
grant you access to higher quality items
the more items open to you the better
your customization options what the hell
could [ __ ] tell me what you plan to do
first as you progress through the game
complete missions contracts stories
activities a lot your locker XP I mean
it’s kind of obvious right you’re
playing an RPG XP we’ll see you level up
which will in turn reward you with both
attribute points and perk points again
this gameplay is from the 2019 gameplay
this is actually out of dates in the
bill that I played this layout has
completely changed see all this stuff on
the outside that is gone and by god I
don’t mean removed I mean just gone from
this page what typically happens now is
that you have the top page which
features your 5 core attributes so you
can then spend your points there and you
can then select any of the 5 attributes
to dive into a second menu which
contains all the perks you could ever
once within each attribute menu there
are also multiple pages of perks based
on various different playstyle options
well I don’t have these specific details
on every single perk I can give you the
general feel for how this works within
the body attribute you have three pages
street brawler
tics and annihilation each of these
pages contains 20 ish hooks give or take
20 22 something like that some perks
subtle like reduces the damage taken by
blocking by 20% or health slowly
regenerates during combats meanwhile
some others are more notable you will
typically lean more toward certain pages
depending on your chosen playstyle so
street crawler leads into the melee
combat area athletics into your stamina
and annihilation into your weapon
proficiency within the reflex attribute
you have another three pages rifles
handguns and blades lots of stats here
to increase the damage few weapons under
certain conditions like gates moving
enemies or whilst moving but
specifically in the blade tree you have
perks that allow you to deflect attacks
and even perform dash attacks with your
katana so lots of very cool things that
will influence the way you play with
intelligence you have two pages one for
device hacking ie things around the
world and another for target hacking I
your enemies skills here typically
pertain to either hacking speed
proficiency the number of hacks you can
perform etc meanwhile within the
technical ability you have two pages one
for crafting and one for engineering and
then finally within the cool attribute
you have another two pages one for
stealth and one for cold-blooded there
are some really cool things in here like
the ability to throw knives push enemies
away after a grapple and perform aerial
takedowns stuff like that so if you
guard the assumption that each per
category has around 20 to 22 perks to
choose from times that by the 12
different pages across the attributes
you look at around 240 250 perks to
choose from which is pretty insane but
it doesn’t stop there
sure you have your character attributes
and your perks but then you have your
augments your cybernetic implants that
you can physically install into your
character at the Ripper docks Ripper
docks are vendors that sell you
cybernetic body enhancements and within
this there’s a ton of stuff again
this gameplay is old in fact this
gameplay is from the 2018 gameplay demo
the very first one they did it III so it
is very out of date the new UI layout is
much better i described this before but
imagine a human anatomy diagram like
you’d see in a science class you’ll see
that at the center of the screen and
then coming off of the body are loads of
lines linking to all the different
implants and augments that you have
there are multiple slots per body part
typically and in the build I played
there were three slots in the frontal
cortex one in the ocular system three in
the circulatory system two in the immune
system two in the nervous system three
in the integumentary system your primary
operation system two slots and the
skeleton one of the hands one of the
arms and one in the legs these are all
slots that can be filled with augments
again some of them are more subtle stat
increases other side conditions immunity
to certain effects or statuses but other
ones are more notable for example in the
arms some of the upgrades I saw were the
gorilla arms which are not calls that
increase your physical damage mantis
blades which are the concealed blades in
your arms that can come out and allow
you to slice and dice your targets with
shock damage
there’s the mono wire which does
chemical damage which you can then use
to Chi atomies and you even have a
projectile launch system that is quite
literally a missile launcher in the palm
of your hand so as you can begin to see
we now have three layers of
customization your attributes your perks
and now your cybernetic enhancements but
it doesn’t stop there

see once you have your character all
tricked out you’re now gonna need some
weapons right now this is something I
have barely scratched the surface of
since in my four hours of playtime I
only encountered three weapons all of
which were pistols but I can give you
some insight as to the stats that roll
in those weapons weapons and other loop
by extension for within different rarity
categories not sure how many there are
in total but I saw common white items
uncommon green items epic purple items
and both golden orange items that are
called iconic and legendary respectively
I’m sure there are more but those were
the colors that I saw as you’d expect
weapons roll with DPS overall damage
fire rate mag size a level but they also
have bonus stats like physical damage
crit hit shots charge time and more plus
some weapons even have bonus or unique
perks I imagine most typically on the
iconic weapons the one that I had had a
bonus whereby crit hit chance damage
type and status effect application are
randomized after each reloads the other
example was the dr v nova a legendary
revolver this too had all the base stats
alongside things like ricochet damage a
reduction to weapon spread but weapons
also have slots most of which were empty
at my time of playing but I imagine this
is where the modern crafting system
comes into play being able to further
upgrade your weapon through slots is
gonna add yet another layer to
customization weapons inside Punk fall
within three major categories power
smart and tech power are conventional
weapons the fire bullets propelled by
gunpowder simple sure but tried and
tested and inexpensive smart weapons are
small handheld launchers for self guided
missiles they lock into targets by a
smart link no aiming required and since
the bullets are self-propelled they can
be very short with minimal ventilation
then you have tech weapons powerful
electromagnetic force generated by
magnets that around the barrel and these
launch projectiles at incredibly high
speeds they are perfect for piercing
armor and other defenses so as you can
now begin to see with a back story your
core abilities your underlying perks
your cybernetic implants and now your
loot you’ve got a lot of potential to
really build out your character
now of course for those of you that
really want to embrace the cyberpunk
ways and take full advantage of hacking
and then that’s where your cyber deck
comes in cyber deck allows you to
install and run numerous programs
typically referred to as Damon’s these
can be uploaded directly to your enemy
combatants and can provide you with
advantages in certain situations
distractions reconnaissance removal of
obstacles etc some examples I got to
encounter were short circuit which
overloaded targets cyberware causing a
short circuit and dealing electrical
damage forced suicide which is a cyber
psychosis program the force the enemy to
shoot themselves with their own weapon
reboot optics will reset an enemy’s
optical cyberware causing partial
blindness for the duration SOS signal
can simulate a signal from a distant
squad member requesting aid and forcing
the target to go and investigate
overheat causes the target side wear to
overheat daily thermal damage over time
and glitch weapon causes the target
weapon to malfunction reducing his
effectiveness or even forcing the target
to swap weapons there are of course many
other options one I got to try out in
the training room was one where you
could detonate the enemy’s grenade
so naturally combining that with the SOS
signal you would leave the enemy towards
his friend detonate the grenade and take
them both out in the process so safe to
say if you want to be a hacking master
there’s a lot of stuff to choose from
of course as all about there is also
plenty of visual customization too you
can go to clothes shops by swaggy
outfits you have hats or other head
items and face items shirts jackets
trousers or pants for those of you guys
there in the u.s. you have shoes you can
even get cool masks I bought this sweet
gold on e mosque as well as a store fiar
style headsets plus you have the option
for outfits so as well as individual per
item customization you’ll also get
outfits like the suit that you wear for
one of the missions so stats and swaggy
looks you really do have a little power
if travel war first full movie after
light baby now night city is split
across six main districts you have
Watson Westbrook
Santo Domingo Pacifica Haywood and the
city center plus you also have the
surrounding Badlands and each district
has its own identity populous style vibe
and threats if you begin life as a corpo
you start at the city center skyscrapers
forming a brutalist fortress like
skyline and a place that really gives
you a taste for the corporate world
starting life as a nomad will put you in
the badlands
the vast desert like plains outside the
city walls and Haywood the starting zone
of the street kids graffiti bars clubs
gang members you name it
Watson is known as the bad neighborhood
of night city the home to low income
employees scraping for a living
Westbrook is like the lovechild of
America’s Las Vegas and Japan’s
kabukicho which is where basically
people go to spend a lot of money Santo
Domingo is full of towering mega
buildings that act as vertical for
villas thousands of tiny apartments
power plants factories another rough
part of town and Pacifica was supposed
to be nice city’s money-making vacation
resort but once the investment dried up
it just became a husk left to rot when
looking at the map well I didn’t get to
visit all these districts or even get to
see the full scale I was able to scroll
for a considerable amount of time so I
get the impression that this is a big
map big and dense
lots of stuff going on lady of hustle
and bustle and it feels a life
of course as you explore the world sure
you have your main story missions that
you can follow whenever you please but
amidst all of that you have an array of
activities missions bounty side quests
that sort of thing to get involved in
some examples I encountered included
assault in progress this is basically a
quick encounter that you can get
involved in it requires you to
neutralize the perps involved and secure
any evidence at the scene you have
reported crimes which are similar to
sort progress same kind of thing
requires you to neutralize a group of
enemies in a threat and then share any
necessary evidence you have side jobs
and these are described as business that
won’t typically make any headlines these
include things like favors for people
straightforward tasks and chance
encounters jobs that can be done quickly
but keep in mind that all activities do
of course go towards your street cred
there was even a job that kind of
required you sneaking into an area and
extracting some kind of item from a box
but typically that will always be within
gang hideouts they’ll of course be
plenty of hostiles arounds and of course
amidst all of this you also have street
stories some side quests are quick
activities meanwhile others will morph
into branching stories speaking to one
of the lead quest designers he mentioned
how some of these have quite a
considerable amount of narratives to
them so they almost become their own
fully fleshed stories and for the areas
that you haven’t fully explored you also
have lots of yellow question marks
indicating things that likely you want
to check out but I still have yet to
discover [ _ ] your problem cycle so this looked like a landing pad too you could have [ _ ] crushed up looking
for no beef with you
so as you could begin to see night city
and cyberpunk have quite a bit to offer
tons of customization options and ways
to play plenty of combat options
activities and a world to explore and
get lost in to say I’m excited for this
game is definitely an understatement but
anyway that’s enough for me for now I
hope you guys enjoyed this more in-depth
look into the game and the world of
cyberpunk if you did then don’t forget
to drop a cheeky like as it does really
help me out and this video took me a
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