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Daemon X Machina Just Got Competitive Multiplayer

The release of Daemon X Machina came and went last month without much fanfare, but the surprise addition of new content could help its stylish mechs attract some more willing pilots. Today, Nintendo and developers Marvelous added PvP multiplayer to Daemon X Machina and released an update roadmap promising new content through December of this year.

Nintendo’s patch notes detail how Daemon X Machina’s multiplayer works, including the amusing method for initiating PvP on the fly during co-op play. The regular PvP Battle Mode works in both local multiplayer and over the internet—as with most Switch titles, you’ll need to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online for online play. Battle Mode allows for one-on-one and two-on-two matches, either of which can be played in Ranked Matches or in Custom Matches with variable rules.

Daemon X Machina’s co-op multiplayer also got a dose of PVP in the form of duels. To initiate a duel, a player just has to attack their co-op partner after finishing a mission while returning to the Home Base. If the player fights back, it transitions right into a duel. Sounds like a good way to annoy your fellow players if the co-op missions aren’t going so great.

The road to more Machina. | Nintendo

On top of today’s update, more missions and other content is coming over the next few months. In early November, Daemon X Machina will receive some “specially-themed Outer content,” Outer being the game’s term for mech pilots. Labeled as “collaboration,” perhaps the Outer update will bring new pilots or customization options inspired by another game, as Nintendo hasn’t been shy with crossovers of late. Later on in November and December, Daemon X Machina will receive more co-op missions featuring new bosses, weapons, and armor.

Daemon X Machina shares a lot of mechanics (and some development talent) with FromSoftware’s Armored Core series, so it’ll be interesting to see if these updates push Daemon X Machina closer to the depth of its predecessors.

Daemon X Machina was released on September 13. In his review, Eurogamer’s Martin Robinson calls Daemon X Machina “an imperfect revival of a subgenre that already had enough imperfections of its own.” If you want to give Daemon X Machina a spin, a free demo that carries progress over to the full game is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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