David Gaider Co-Founds New Indie Developer, Summerfall Studios

David Gaider, the ex-writer for major RPG studios such as BioWare and Beamdog, is venturing into the world of indie development again with a brand new studio.

Gaider announced on twitter that he is a co-founder in Summerfall Studios, a Melbourne-based indie developer. The new studio is currently working on a brand new project, described as “an illustrated character-driven adventure,” which will see its debut at Pax Australia next month. The announcement will be live-streamed on Twitch on October 10th 5:30 PM PST / October 11th: 10:30 AM AEST, and once revealed, will be attached to a Kickstarter campaign which will go live shortly thereafter.

Gaider is best known for his work on the acclaimed Dragon Age series, where he was the lead writer for the franchise. Gaider began his career with BioWare in 1999, and along with his lead writer credits, he is perhaps best known for his character writing for BioWare games. Some of his work includes HK-47 in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Deekin from Neverwinter Nights, and Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age: Inquisition.  He left BioWare in 2016, briefly joining Beamdog as a creative director for a time, before leaving Beamdog in February of 2018.

Joining Gaider as co-founder is Liam Esler, a narrative specialist who has worked for multiple studios, including Beamdog and Obsidian, along with work with the Game Developers Association of Australia and Game Connect Asia Pacific. Eslers credits include writing for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, the Siege of Dragonspear expansion, and Pillars of Eternity.

This marks the first time Gaider will be in an administrative role for a development studio, and will likely be the first game announced with Gaider’s involvement since Dragon Age: Inquisition, as no games released by Beamdog since 2016 are confirmed to have been worked on with him.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Looking forward to the new game from the new studio? Leave your comments below. 

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