Death Stranding’s Sam is a Mean Drunk

Now that people are plowhing through Death Stranding, some of the weirder stuff in the game is making its way online. No, we’re not talking about BTs or BB or anything that weird, but rather Sam’s beer-drinking animation.

Below, you can see a rare drinking animation that the Death Stranding Reddit community has uncovered. Usually, Sam would only be presented with Monster Energy to drink in a private room, but if you visit The Farm and hook them up to the Chiral Network, the energy drink changes to beer.

Down three beers in the private room at The Farm, and Sam gets a little sassy. The animation above occurs when you down the third beer. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t just down any form of liquid, be it Monster Energy or beer, immediately. But Sam’s here for a good time, not a long time, it seems.

We don’t know about you, but we’d consider this animation to be pretty rare. I’ve never seen it in over 70 hours of playing Death Stranding, but that’s probably because I never went out of my way to get Sam drunk.

Further down this Reddit post on the Death Stranding subreddit, players have discovered other secrets within the game. It turns out if you repeatedly tap on BB’s pod in a private room, BB will tap back, until he eventually smacks his head on the glass pod, causing it to crack, and BB itself to scream. Sam then wakes up from this nightmare, thank god.

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