Debut Trailer for Monkey Barrels

Good-Feel (Yoshi’s Crafted World, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, Wario Land: Shake It!) have revealed the debut trailer for Monkey Barrels.

You control a monkey in this top-down shooter, blasting away at robot appliances who have tkaen over the world.

Supported languages include English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, and Chinese.

You can find the full run-down below:

“In a world ruled by the consumer electronics giant Crabbenwold Electro, a pair of brave monkeys set out on a journey to rescue their kidnapped friends from an evil army of robot appliances!”

In addition to a 22-stage story mode, there’s also an online competitive mode!

Features 3D pixel art that puts a fresh spin on old-school graphics!

Tons of fun and challenging stages await you!

  • 98 different types of weapons to use!

From your standard weapons to the most unique, equip up to 4 items and take advantage of their strengths to beat the toughest stages!

  • Monkey vs. monkey! Online matches with up to 6 players!

Decide who’s the #1 Boss Monkey in Banana Scramble! The rules are simple: whoever picks up the most bananas wins!

Monkey Barrels launches November 7th worldwide on Nintendo Switch.

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