Destiny 2’s Exotic Telesto is Disabled After a New Exploit Emerges

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Destiny’s Telesto has been known to cause havoc, and it’s been taken offline once again due to an unforeseen glitch with its unusual ammo and a certain mod. Bungie has disabled the Telesto until further notice due to a glitch which is letting players instantly fill their Super meters with little effort.

The Telesto is an Exotic-tier weapon that launches explosive rounds instead of bullets in three-shot bursts. These can either stick to an enemy on contact and explode similar to Halo’s Needler, or stay on the ground, acting like a mini-minefield. It’s a pretty cool and unique gun, but in the past, players discovered odd glitches with its rounds counting numbers they shouldn’t, leading to Bungie disabling the gun until it could be fixed.

This recent incident involves a mod called Enhanced Ashes to Assets, a mod that lets you gain “even more” Super energy on grenade kills. As it turns out, when equipped on the Telesto, it counts detonating the Telesto’s rounds with a grenade as a kill. Players could litter the field with Telesto rounds, chuck a grenade in, and get a free Super. You can see this happen a few times in the tweet from Destiny streamer Chadlantis below:

Since the mod in question was dropping during this weekend’s Iron Banner, players had started taking advantage of it to get easy Supers-something that normally takes time to build up otherwise. Bungie announced on Saturday it would be disabling access to the weapon in all activities. It seems like the Telesto is still disabled this morning.

Shadowkeep, the most recent expansion for Destiny 2, is Bungie’s first major update to Destiny since taking off from Activision. And while it’s been a somewhat-solid expansion so far, Shadowkeep has still had a few stumbles, notably in a lack of new loot for the update and some confusion around the new armor system. Hopefully things will, like the Telesto, get smoothed over in the coming months.

If you’re working on getting raid ready or otherwise grinding to hit the Power cap, be sure to head over to our guides section for Destiny 2 to find all the info you need.

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