Destiny 2’s Inaugural Charity Streaming Event Features an Exclusive, Elegant Ghost Shell

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The Bungie Foundation, the non-profit charity arm of the Destiny developer, has been supporting various worthy causes for years, and now it’s moving to galvanize the Destiny 2 community with a new annual streaming event called Game2Give. Starting this week, participating streamers and viewers will raise money for one of the foundation’s key programs, with a few exclusive in-game and physical Destiny 2 goodies available as donation incentives.

Between October 24 and November 10, streamers will kick off the inaugural Game2Give by fundraising for The Bungie Foundation’s iPads for Kids Programs and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Streamers can sign up through the Game2Give website, which also provides various overlay templates and donation tools for the event.

Whether you stream Destiny 2 or just donate during Game2Give, you’ll be able to secure the in-game incentives, which include a new emblem and an Exotic “Gilded Shell” for your Ghost. For viewers, a $10 donation will net you the emblem, while $50 gets you the classy Ghost shell. For streamers, any amount raised above $500 dollars will net them the shell and emblem. A donation of $100 or more will enter viewers into a prize pool featuring various Destiny 2 collectibles, including a vinyl statuette of the “Gilded Shell” Ghost, while high fundraising milestones can get streamers exclusive Game2Give gear and enter them for a chance to tour Bungie’s studio.

Bungie will host its own 24-hour stream with the help of some prominent Destiny 2 community members on October 29. That’s the same day that qualifying donors and streamers who’ve passed the $500 milestone will receive the emblem and Ghost shell. Don’t be surprised if Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost Halloween celebration is a little less spooky this year, what with all the giving Guardians and their heart-eyed Ghosts roaming about.

USgamer’s own 24-hour charity stream for Extra Life is also coming up soon—we can’t promise you loot, but you can help support Child’s Play and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital while you watch news editor Eric Van Allen stay awake for the whole thing. (He’s got this… we think.)

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