Destiny 2’s Vex Offensive is Wrapping Up, But the Finale’s Underwhelming

Bungie is wrapping up the Season of The Undying, its first seasonal rollout as part of the new model for Destiny 2 moving forward. But, like other living games that have shifted to seasonal content, it seems like Destiny 2 has some growing pains to still endure.

The big finale, Vex Offensive: Final Assault, has been pretty poorly received by the Destiny community at large. Built up as the final piece of the Vex Offensive, players who jumped in yesterday were greeted with… more of the same. The Final Assault was essentially another Vex Offensive mission, only instead of the usual final boss, there was the Undying Mind. A well-known Strike boss from the first Destiny, the Undying Mind’s return was underwhelming, to say the least.

The main complaint seems to be that it’s just another boss fight, and eerily similar to ones that already exist. In forums like Reddit, players are expressing their issues with the lack of pomp and circumstance.

“It’s literally the same exact thing we’ve been doing since the beginning of the season, but a different look on the boss,” says one user.

“I wasn’t expecting some big earth shattering change to the game, but something a bit more than a few new lines of dialog and a new boss would have been nice,” writes another user. “Or don’t put it on the road map.”

Cozmo23, a Bungie community manager, has been responding, saying they’re passing along feedback to the team, and in other threads, Bungie employees are responding and listening to criticisms of the new systems and seasons.

To be fair, not everything about this season or structure is being derided. One user made a list of what’s working and what isn’t; though the Vex Offensive and recent armor changes are points of friction, the new dungeon area and the Garden of Salvation raid have received praise.

Bungie’s model of seasonal content updates alongside major expansions like Shadowkeep seems like the way forward for the game, but one season in, Bungie is still figuring out areas to shore up and sand away the edges. On top of the minor updates with each season, the Destiny 2 team is teasing some big stuff that’s coming for Guardians everywhere. But as we roll out into the next season of Destiny 2, it’ll also be crucial for Bungie to start figuring out the pacing and scale of grandeur it wants to allow its smaller, seasonal updates.

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