Do not Inform My Boss How A lot Time I’ve Spent Watching Ultimate Fantasy Techniques A.I. Battles on Twitch

For a lot of the day, I’ve had a Twitch stream on within the background. Usually, I work to the sounds of my varied music playlists and online game soundtracks, or perhaps a podcast, however at this time, it is the chipper pips and blown-out blasts of Ultimate Fantasy Techniques. Solely, I am not taking part in it; a pc is dealing with all of the high-quality particulars. I am simply right here to see the result, and perhaps place a wager or two within the meantime.

Noticed by PCGamesN, a brand new Twitch channel referred to as “FFTBattleground” has been internet hosting fantasy tournaments with groups of randomized characters. Every thing, from gender and zodiac signal to tools and job is jumbled up, creating legions of ramshackle squads that skirmish via a event to see who emerges on prime. It’s merely fascinating to observe.

All of the motion takes place in a modded model of the strategy RPG classic Final Fantasy Tactics that enables two A.I. groups to combat one another. The pc handles every little thing, from every staff’s strikes to the randomization, event construction, and betting. Oh sure, betting. It is all imaginary cash, however there are some stakes within the matches when you determine to chip in. So when a staff will get slept right into a double-Zodiac wipe like within the clip beneath, that could possibly be your staff touchdown the wombo-combo-or it could possibly be your opponent.

FFTBattleground scratches the identical itch for me as Salty Bet, a Mugen-fueled Twitch channel the place customized preventing recreation characters duke it out in randomized battles. And similar to the chat there developed its personal tradition, the FFT crew is stepping into the motion as nicely.

Messages scroll throughout the facet of the display screen, cheering on clutch gamers and yelling on the lackadaisical efficiency of a Behemoth. I watched a Goblin get completely blown up within the opening salvo of a match. A Dragon slowly dismantled a staff by itself, unit by unit. I am nearly sure having a Mime in your staff is a surefire win.

The channel description says that is an early beta, nonetheless present process improvement. There are “many options” the developer is hoping to implement, a complete breakdown of the methods at play, and a Discord for many who need to make some ideas or assist out.

Frankly, I am simply enamored with the idea of this stream. There is a stunning depth to those squad battles, and cheering in your chosen staff is absolutely enjoyable, particularly after they overcome the chances to beat a seemingly stacked lineup. It has the identical hands-off, spectator attraction that an autobattler does, solely that is much more automated and it is bought moogles, chocobos, and different Ultimate Fantasy creatures. If we’re not getting a Final Fantasy Tactics 2 anytime quickly, this may a minimum of tide me over.

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