Dr Disrespect gets a TV show that will tell his origin story

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Guy Beahm is one of the most popular streamers going today, thanks to his Dr Disrespect persona – and it seems we’re about to learn a whole lot more about the character through the magic of television. Beahm has signed a deal with Skybound Entertainment, the production company behind The Walking Dead, to create a new TV show.

The Dr Disrespect TV show will tell the character’s backstory and explain “how the doctor became the doctor,” though the specifics of the production are still up in the air, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “We are pretty early in terms of the creative and the direction we want to take it,” Beahm says, but adds that they’ve had “some early discussions around animation.”

Other details – like what network the show will run on – are up in the air, too. Beahm says that streaming is still “the bread and butter right now,” though he says that with Skybound’s multi-format history, there is room for further projects including comics and games.

The Dr Disrespect has been the subject of no shortage of controversy over the years, and incidents like the time he – apparently jokingly – threatened the lead developer of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds with violence has been significant enough to get mainstream news coverage.

The character stepped even further over the line into reality earlier this year, when he was banned from both Twitch and E3 for streaming from a public bathroom.

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