Dragon Age 4 Won’t Be Out For Quite a While

Electronic Arts laid out a surprisingly long-term plan for the coming year or two during its quarterly earnings call yesterday. But when it came to BioWare, talk about what the studio was up to was fairly vague.

While it was confirmed that development for Anthem is ongoing, it sounds like Dragon Age 4 is still a long ways off. CFO Blake Jorgensen said “you should assume that there’s Dragon Age out there,” but things were still fairly far off in the future. Jorgensen says it “probably comes after fiscal [2022],” which would push the project out past April 2022.

That’s a long ways off, and even though we’ve been hearing the next Dragon Age is still a few years out for a while, it still stings just a bit. Some fans are still holding out hope that BioWare might return to Mass Effect and see some of the RPGs the studio is known for in the near future, but with its next game falling squarely on the console divide, it’s not too surprising to hear there aren’t pressing time concerns to get Dragon Age out on current consoles.

In terms of Anthem, BioWare’s ongoing looter shooter, it sounds like there is an update planned for the near future, but there wasn’t much else to talk about for the troubled game. It was recently announced that Anthem will move to a seasonal update schedule as the team behind it works on fixing up Anthem’s problems.

For a quarterly earnings call that set the plan for EA moving into a new console generation, including Apex Legends becoming an annualized shooter counterpart to Battlefield and the cancellation of this year’s NBA Live, BioWare was mostly absent. It’s not surprising to see, but reflects the state of the studio a fair bit; one project that’s too far out to even really talk about, and another that’s an ongoing fix-up without its “Realm Reborn” to share just yet. Hopefully we’ll see some big swings from BioWare once the next generation of consoles has launched.

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