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#Dungeon23 Dyson’s Delve II Progress Report 2

Greater than half-way into the primary month of #Dungeon23. We’re already beginning to see some folks burning out on the venture – particularly amongst those that have taken on much more than the unique venture define steered.

1-6 Central Shaft
The centre of this chamber is a shaft round a ten foot vast column of stable stone. The shaft goes down a number of ranges. Stairs lead down from right here to the following stage beneath. A solitary screamer hangs on to the south aspect of this column waiting for intruders. It has seen the toadfolk however has not began to scream but as a result of they haven’t proceeded any additional than the doorway corridor but.

1-7 Cut up Gallery
Alongside the higher portion are ratty previous tapestries of marching armies. A nest of cat-sized big spiders is hidden behind the central tapestry within the souther set of three. The physique of a really lately deceased toadfolk lies on the decrease tier close by.

1-8 Sally Door
The door right here is lengthy lacking and the wall above it collapsed, however then a lot of the fallen rock has been cleared to permit entry right here once more. There’s nonetheless a number of particles right here and getting into quietly will probably be tough, doubly so since each tower 5 & 9 watch over this entry.

1-9 Spherical Tower
d4+1 darklings are right here, at all times alert for exercise from the bandits tower. The ladder leads as much as different darklings dwelling above. They gained’t assault these coming by 8 except they’ve already been in battle with them previously or they appear to be the bandits.

1-10 As much as the Fort
Stairs lead as much as the citadel on the hill above. Southwest nook is barricaded with wrecked furnishings and d6+2 morlocks are guarding this barricade in opposition to the bandits and darklings alike.

1-11 Bubbles
A 2′ diameter pearlescent sphere is in the midst of the room which slowly grows and releases a 4′ bubble each d2 turns. The bubble floats off in a random course (roll d12 for course, d6 for variety of toes moved, reroll each cube every flip) and pops on contact with something. If the bubble touches a creature (or a creature touches the sphere) the creature mus save vs paralysis or undergo 2d6 lightning injury and be paralyzed for 1d20 turns.

1-12 Skeletal Workshop
Skeletons of each a morlock from the south and a darkling from the tower are on the ground of this workshop, electrocuted by silent bubbles from 11. The skin of the east door is scratched with a giant X to warn others to not enter. The workbench incorporates plenty of intricate brass items of unknown function, however one is a wand-shaped piece of brass that offers benefit on saves in opposition to lightning and prevents the injury and paralysis from the bubbles for the wielder.

1-13 Looted Storage
Two darklings have simply completed burning off a piece of inexperienced slime right here and are about to open the three (empty) chests on the west wall.

1-14 The Lengthy Corridor
Alcoves line this corridor and a slight breeze strikes down it from north to south. Three stone benches alongside the centre of the corridor are bloodstained and the centre one has previous bandages and a knife on it. A digital demilitarized zone for the inhabitants, most wandering monsters alongside right here will probably be darting from alcove to alcove to attempt to keep away from being seen.

1-15 Eating Corridor
5 12 foot lengthy tables with bench seating. Southernmost desk is charred, as is the ceiling overhead. The south doorways look partially dissolved.

1-16 Morlock Tomb
The rotted stays of a number of morlocks are piled upon the long-dead stays of others. Morlocks depart their lifeless right here as a result of on sunny days they’ll see a bit of sunshine from outdoors through areas 4 & 7 from right here, and they won’t journey into the sunny elements of the delve.

1-17 Kitchens
Each picket floor is discoloured with mould and decay. The bottom of the southern closet door is partially dissolved and horrible slurping noises inside point out the presence of a foul jelly or pudding of some form.

1-18 Bogs
Each lead all the way down to the Otyugh pit on stage 2. 18a incorporates a major mass of inexperienced slime over a lot of the ceiling. 18b appears to be like to have a serious plumbing difficulty, however that is truly a gray ooze.



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