Every kill in The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, per episode

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Yes, this a list of every kill in The Mandolorian, but first we created some ground rules. Victims who are punched or shocked are not confirmed kills. If someone gets shot and doesn’t get back up, we assume they were killed, since the only shots we see that don’t kill when they hit are blocked by beskar steel. Some offscreen kills are implied, so they count, as noted. Also when we say “pop” we specifically mean disintegrate, and those are our favorite kills. When you’re ready to play along at home, here’s a list of all the fun toys from The Mandalorian so you can look on disapprovingly, just like The Child/Baby Yoda.

Chapter 1

Total Kills: 35

  1. 02:17: The Mandolorian (Mando) kills the Alpha Trawler with his own knife.
  2. 02:30: A Quarren Trawler gets cut in half when Mando pulls him into a closing iris-shaped door.
  3. 05:55: Guest star Brian Posehn’s speeder pilot is taken into the ice by a Ravinak.
  4. 29:39: IG-11 Bounty Droid starts messing up fools, five Nikto bandits are downed in 10 seconds.
  5. 30:48: Mando takes down a rooftop sniper while IG-11 waits for him to agree to terms.
  6. 30:53: IG-11 takes down a bandit in the doorway, then another, then one on the roof in 5 seconds.
  7. 31:01: Mando casually tags a bandit, then turns to pick one off the roof.
  8. 31:33: More shooting but nobody falls until IG-11 scores 2 quick hits.
  9. 31:41: Behind the back from IG, then another as he spins, then two more in succession as he keeps twisting and shooting.
  10. 31:47: Mando takes one down then calls “up top” for an IG no-look shot.
  11. 31:53: Mando takes one off the roof.
  12. 32:29: IG takes one down from the roof covering Mando while he opens the door.
  13. 32:46: Another roof kill for Mando.
  14. 33:30: Mando takes down the heavy gunner, then it’s 15 seconds of carnage as Mando nails seven.
  15. 34:47: Mando hits a Nikto after he and IG-11 knock down the door.
  16. 35:59: Mando shoots IG-11 in the head.

Chapter 2: The Child

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