*evil laugh*

*evil laugh*


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17 Thoughts to “*evil laugh*”

  1. Gabriel Bujold on forme un bon duo 👍

  2. Kevin Alejandro you be hiding in the bush

  3. Alyssa Emerson Brodie Phipps thanks mum and dad

  4. Edwin Chavez every time we duo, and I carry you 😂

  5. Me with the kills, and you hiding in the bushes and probably steal my kill when I’ve almost killed them. 💀

  6. YESSS Rhys Williams😂😂😂😂😂 a perfect description

  7. That’s Cody Sant when he hides in the bush every time 🤣😄😁 Andrew Boyza Kennedy

  8. Tracy Turnbull Dalton Meek Alan Smith I feel like this is me in the bush acting like the big one hahahaha

  9. William Nadalin I promise I’ll use the headphones next time

  10. Naha not me mate ive usually done 95% of the damage and get my elims stolen haha

  11. Hahaha. This is the most accurate! 😂😂💪 Rudy Alvarez

  12. This is amazing for all the people that carry their gf in fortnite

  13. Blake Thomson brings back strong memories of Halo when you’d tell me to run off and stay behind cover while you went ahead and completed a massive fight scene because it was in your words… “a critical checkpoint that could not be f*cked up” 🥺💩

  14. Me and my 11yr old. I am in the bush though. 😂

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