Exclusive: Here’s a Jazzy Sneak Peek at Shovel Knight: King of Cards’ Soundtrack

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Prescription for Sleep has been reinventing game tunes for some time, turning chippy beats and pulsating synths into soft lullabies. Its next album covers Shovel Knight, in honor of the last expansions for the Treasure Trove arriving soon, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek for one of its tracks.

The tune, “Some Blasted Hill,” is a re-arrangement of a song off the score for the upcoming King of Cards expansion, starring King Knight. Boiled down to just sax and piano, the smooth, sweeping scales and reverberating hum would sound right at home in a coffee shop on a rainy holiday.

You might recognize the record’s personnel, too. The duo of GENTLE LOVE take lead on this album, made up of Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta composer Norihiko Hibino on saxophone and Etrian Odyssey performer AYAKI on piano. The pair worked with Shovel Knight composer Jake Kaufman to craft the album, which includes 19 tracks from Shovel Knight and its expansions, as well as an original theme inspired by the game called “A New Dawn.”

Producer Jayson Napolitano says Hibino and Kaufman have a history of working together, and carry a “huge respect” for one another. This marks the seventh overall Prescription for Sleep album, including previous covers of Celeste, Secret of Mana, and Undertale.

You can check out the full track list below. Preorders for go live here and should ship sometime after King of Cards and the rest of Shovel Knight’s final expansions launch.

Prescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight

  1. Steel Thy Shovel
  2. Strike the Earth!
  3. High Above the Land
  4. An Underlying Problem
  5. No Weapons Here
  6. Of Devious Machinations
  7. The Donor’s Despair
  8. The Requiem for Shield Knight
  9. A Cool Reception
  10. End of Days
  11. The Fateful Return
  12. The Alchemist’s Haven
  13. Waltz for One
  15. The Magic MIrror
  16. La Danse Macabre
  17. Cruise Control
  18. Troops, Form Up!
  19. Some Blasted Hill
  20. A New Dawn

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