FIFA 20 Players Protest Outside EA’s Bucharest HQ, Citing Weekend League Pack Luck

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A group of FIFA 20 players have gathered outside EA’s headquarters in Bucharest over the last few hours. Forming a protest group against the developer/publisher, the group have gathered to complain about a few key issues surrounding FIFA 20.

You can see the Reddit post highlighting the protest below. The post is 97% upvoted at the time of writing, although the replies to the post are mixed. Some are siding with the protesters, claiming EA to be “manipulative” in the FIFA Ultimate Team pack odds, while others are labelling it a “first world problem.”

Weekend League plays a pretty large role in FIFA 20’s Ultimate Team mode. Every week in FUT, you’ll need to earn a set amount of points by playing FUT to quality for the Weekend League. You’ll take these points and buy into a Weekend League, and at the end of the week, you’ll earn rewards based on your performance within the league itself. It’s the chances of earning an elite-level player in these Weekend League reward packs that the players in Bucharest are protesting.

This is far from the first time EA has been criticized for its Ultimate Team packs. Earlier this year, EA was forced to defend its attitude towards loot boxes before the U.K. Parliament, where a company representative somewhat controversially stated that they were “surprise mechanics.” Later in July, the U.K. Gambling Commission ruled that FIFA Ultimate Team packs and loot boxes were not legally a form of gambling.

The U.S. meanwhile, is still working towards implementing its own loot box legislation. Industry groups like the ESA (Entertainment Association Software) have voiced concerns over the current state of the bill.

Elsewhere, EA has even stopped selling FIFA Points in Belgium. In September 2018 the Belgian government declared loot boxes a form of gambling, due to the fact that players don’t know what items a box will contain before they purchase it. In January 2019, EA announced that they had decided to “stop offering FIFA Points for sale in Belgium,” following the ruling from the government.

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