Fight Climate Change in Merge Nymphs Now on Nutaku

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Fight against pollution in Nutaku’s latest strategy game, Merge Nymphs. It follows a free-to-play model, similar to many Nutaku games using a combination of in-game and real money currency. The NSFW screenshots on the product page are difficult to get a good read on how it plays. It’s tile-based and turn-based strategy game with levels similar in size to Into the Breach.

While I’ve heard stories about game developers hating their own games despite spending hours creating them, I was surprised how much I enjoyed playing Merge Nymphs during the development phase. I will definitely continue to play even after the game goes public,” a Merge Nymphs developer said.

Merge Nymphs Summary

In order to heal the world from evil Golems and pollution, gamers recruit a squad of seductive nymphs, whose magical abilities transform collectibles into mergeable items. As players solve puzzles, they advance by unlocking more items and equipping nymphs with increasing power at each level. The exquisite rewards earned can help players grow their Camp and become the ultimate Lord of Fertility!”

  • Collect 80 nymphs, each with their own 8 titillating cards
  • Unlock 30 uncensored scenes by upgrading nymphs
  • Solve 70 puzzle levels & challenges 
  • Earn over 250 mergeable & interactive items

Merge Nymphs is available for free on PC [NSFW] on Nutaku.

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Quick Take

An adult game is one of the last places I’d expect to see a developer take on climate change, even if it’s minor. It’s still interesting seeing it release around the same time as the news coming out about the Amazon rainforests burning. While you won’t save the Amazon by playing Merge Nymphs, it still keeps the threat of pollution on everyone’s mind.

If you try Merge Nymphs, be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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