Final Fantasy XIV has brought in two million more players since Shadowbringers

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December 16, 2019 FFXIV has reached 18 million players.

Final Fantasy XIV has gotten even more buzz this year thanks to the excellent reception toward its new expansion pack, Shadowbringers, and that’s only brought more players into the fold. The Final Fantasy XIV player count has now surpassed 18 million users, an increase of two million since the Shadowbringers release date.

Square Enix announced the 18 million figure today alongside the details of FFXIV patch 5.2. That’s “registered players worldwide,” so it certainly includes folks who’ve simply signed up for a free trial – not just fully-paid premium players. It’s still an impressive amount of growth, especially considering FFXIV’s incredible turnaround over the past few years.

Much of FFXIV’s total player growth has happened within the past two years, in fact. The total registered user count was reported as ten million in August 2017. During a developer livestream in May 2019, director Naoki Yoshida said the game had reached 16 million players. It looks like the pace has continued through today.

If you haven’t played FFXIV in a while, the devs are offering a promotion that’ll give you five free days of playtime to see how things have changed. You can get the details on the official site.

The heyday of the MMORPG may be past, but FFXIV on its own would prove there’s plenty of life left in the genre.

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