Five More Games Arrive on Apple Arcade, Including Pixel Horror and Mobile RTS

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Apple’s gaming subscription service has been surprisingly solid so far, debuting or featuring a number of games from popular developers and studios. Today, Apple Arcade adds five more games to its library, just ahead of the end of its free month trial period, to really make the case for wary subscribers to stay on.

When it launched in September, Apple Arcade offered a free month-long trial for users to get an idea of whether the service might be something for them. In the time since, several of the games like What the Golf and Grindstone have been breakout hits; but now, the trial period is nearing its end, and subscribers will have to pay $4.99 a month to stay on the service.

To that end, the five games hitting the service today seem like pretty involved offerings and, in a few cases, appropriately spooky for the October season. Inmost is the headliner-an atmospheric 2D game told from three perspectives, developed by Hidden Layer Games and published by Chucklefish. It’s best pitched via trailer, which has certainly piqued my interest.

Stela also looks pretty creepy, like a spiritual successor to Inside. It’s a “cinematic, atmospheric” puzzle-platformer game from SkyBox Labs also set to hit Xbox One this month.

Racing fans can look forward to ShockRods, while those looking for a taste of Herzog Zwei on phones should check out Decoherence. Mind Symphony rounds out the batch of new offerings with a symphonic shoot ’em up, filled with bright lights and tunes that synchronize with action on-screen.

While Apple Arcade’s soft launch was a bit of a surprise for developers, the service has managed to curate a surprising list of games from popular devs that hasn’t slowed down post-launch. Apple will need to keep a steady flow of interesting games to keep subscribers interested, but considering the handful of updates the service has had in the month since launch, it seems like its prepared to outpace any competition it might have.

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