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Fortnite Challenge Guide: Catch Fish at Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, or Stealthy Stronghold

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The latest set of Fortnite challenges are live as part of season 6, week 3. This week, one challenge requires you to catch five fish at either Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, or Stealthy Stronghold. It’s easy enough to understand, but if you’re new to Fortnite or aren’t familiar with fishing, you might struggle with completing this challenge. The thing is, only one area — Stealthy Stronghold — is marked on the map, so you’ll need to have prior knowledge if you plan on visiting the other locations.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with everything you’ll need to know about this challenge. Here’s where to catch fish at Camp Cod, Lake Canoe, or Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite.

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Where to fish at Stealthy Stronghold

The first thing you should know about this challenge is that you only need to catch five fish across any of the three locations. You can mix and match, and your progress carries over after you’ve completed a game. With that in mind, it’s best to pick a location that will be less busy than others so you aren’t disturbed while trying to fish. It’s easiest to simply catch your five fish at one location so you can get it out of the way quickly.

First up, following the season 6 update, Stealthy Stronghold now has a body of water inside, so grab a fishing rod and try your best to catch as many fish as possible. This is one of the busier areas, but depending on the trajectory of the Battle Bus, it may be a viable spot to land. Check the map above (courtesy of for the exact location.

Where to fish at Lake Canoe

Next, you can visit Lake Canoe, which is located north of Retail Row. This area is known for being busy as well, so land with caution. There’s a dock nearby with a fishing rod, so make a beeline for it as soon as you land.

Where to fish at Camp Cod

Finally, you can opt to visit Camp Cod, an area on the southeast corner of the map. This area is usually safe to land at since it’s so out of the way. Again, check out the dock on the east side to find a fishing rod.

How to fish

If you’re reading this guide, you might already know how to fish, but just in case you don’t, let’s cover how the mechanic works. For starters, you need a fishing rod. These are typically found by bodies of water inside barrels and you’ll see the rod sticking out to indicate its location. Once you’ve equipped the rod, hold down the right trigger to aim and release to cast your line. We recommend casting at the schools of fish to guarantee a bite. Once your controller vibrates, press the right trigger once more to reel in the fish.

Note that if you cast your line away from fish, it’s possible to get a “bite” still, but the item you reel in might not be a fish. Either way, catch five fish at any of these locations and you’ll earn 24,000 XP.

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