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One of the last Fortnite challenges on your radar during season 6, week 3 will likely be the quest for eliminating Raptor, Zenith, or Blackheart. These are three NPCs who spawn in fixed locations around the map, and for the challenge, you only need to take down one of them. Compared to other NPCs we’ve gotten in Fortnite, these are pushovers and can be taken down with minimal effort. Better yet is that their spawn locations are typically not very busy, meaning you probably won’t run into other enemy players while trying to complete the challenge.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all three NPCs, and we’ll include tips for taking them down with ease. Here’s how to eliminate Raptor, Zenith, or Blackheart in Fortnite.

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Eliminate Raptor

Raptor is located by Coral Castle, close to a crashed plane. There’s a chest inside the plane you can use to collect some gear that will help you when facing off against the NPC. Otherwise, look around at Coral Castle for shields, weapons, and health packs to be prepared. Make sure you don’t aggro the enemy until you’re ready and stocked up on supplies.

Eliminate Zenith

Alternatively, you can choose to take down Zenith, who is located at the large snowy mountain south of Catty Corner. Make sure you land by one of the buildings to get stocked up on gear before you take down Zenith. A few headshots with a shotgun will do the trick.

Eliminate Blackheart

Finally, you can try to take down Blackheart, who is found to the west of Holly Hedges on top of a large pirate ship. The problem with this NPC is that it’s tough to take him down from the start, since it’s risky to simply land right next to him atop the ship. With a little luck, you can land by him, grab a weapon, and use it to take him down, but for most players, we’d recommend landing by Holly Hedges to get stocked up on gear — then gather supplies to build a ramp up to the boat. That way, you’re well equipped to take down this NPC.

We also advise you to attempt this challenge with a group so you can watch each others’ backs and revive one another if needed. And as is typical, we recommend trying this challenge in Team Rumble so you can spawn back in if you die. Remember, you only need to take down one of the three NPCs to complete this challenge, so go for whichever one is closest, provided you’ve got the right gear.

Once you’ve defeated one of them, you’ll complete the challenge and earn 24K XP.

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Prime Benefit Spotlight: Free games and in-game content

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