Fortnite: holiday trees locations guide

Looking for Fortnite holiday tree locations? Here’s where you’ll need to dance at Fortnite holiday trees in different named locations.

Fortnite’s new festive look, complete with snowmen and gold llama topped holiday trees, brings exciting winter-themed challenges to earn new Fortnite skins, emotes, and cosmetics. As part of the 14 days of Fortnite, these extra challenges will be running until January 6.

For this Winterfest daily challenge, you’ll need to hunt down the holiday trees in Fortnite. So, where can you find them? When Fortnite’s map received an overhaul earlier this year, we were tasked with finding 13 named locations in Fortnite to unlock the new map. Now, those named locations come in handy, as you need to dance at the holiday trees at six of them. You’ll find the holiday trees in Fortnite in the locations marked below. Once you find the holiday trees, you’ll simply need to bust a move in front of each tree to tick another location off and complete the daily Winterfest challenge.

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