Fortnite motorboat time trial location: where to start speed boat speedrun

Looking for the starting location of the Fortnite motorboat time trial? The week nine mission for Fortnite Chapter 2 includes a diverse set of challenges, ranging from visiting Fortnite steel bridges and skydiving through rings, to using ziplines and – of course – completing a Fortnite motorboat time trial.

However, there’s no description in the challenge of where to find the time trial on the Fortnite map. Not to worry as we’ve managed to uncover the location using the Fortnite replay camera, meaning you can drop in and tick off the time trial as soon as possible.

More challenges means more rewards, so hopefully this challenge will assist you in unlocking one of the best Fortnite skins from the Battle Pass. The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 release date has been pushed back, so you should still have plenty of time to complete every mission. And when you’ve completed this week’s mission then you should get a shiny new loading screen for your efforts, which hides a secret XP dump to help you progress even further. Aye, there’s nothing quite like the Fortnite grind.

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