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27 Thoughts to “Fortnite Plot Twist”

  1. Joshua R Chapa

    You got bamboozled!!!

  2. Nicholas Roblero

    Christopher Gonzalez fuck sake 😂

  3. Stephen Salinitri

    Andre Gioiosa Justin Moretti literally shit on

  4. John Lim

    Matt Simpson Kegz Hunter savage

  5. Darcy Bird

    Josh Mcguinness Joel Ryan Izaak Murphy

  6. Mitty Orr

    Bryce Orr Sean Hassett Aaron Single hillarious

  7. James Plowman

    Victor Johnson bruh lol

  8. Jaiden Deschambeault

    Drake ur strats

  9. James Kaihe

    Colin Hawkins us the other night 😂 Allan Ropata

  10. Luke Williamson

    Remy Triegerimagine

  11. Sami Ur Rehman

    Umar Khan wtf this game came upto

  12. Luke Vandervelde

    Dave Robinson Kuiam Law Zack de la Coeur Kevin G Turner plot twist

  13. Ignacio Dominguez

    Jake ultimate camping 😂

  14. Pete East

    Mak Bigboii Samuel haha😂

  15. Zachary Fattore

    Josh Tedeschi Steven Zalunardo Jamie Bertolin AHAHA

  16. Mathieu Grenier

    Frédéric Lemire check jusqu’a fin haha

  17. Nathan Guyle Pahulu

    Maggie David lol

  18. Ryan Barnett

    Kam Parkes Thomaslee Barnett what a amazing idea

  19. Blake Shields

    Jordan Brown bruh

  20. Ashley Cooper

    😂😂 Miles Cooper that be your luck!

  21. Emma Baker

    Kaitlyn Mitchem the plot twist at the end

  22. Robert Vizcaino

    Glad I havent played for a while..prop hunt is TRASH! I thought Mechs were bad but come on..this is trash AF.

  23. Haram Bae

    For those hating on this, don’t get me wrong, I love competitive fortnite. But this here is what the game has always been suppose to be, just a complete goof of a BR game, not all the build fight and turtling stuff. Chill and appreciate both sides of the game.

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