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Fortnite steel bridges: where to dance at a green, red, and yellow steel bridge

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There are three Fortnite steel bridges dotted around the map and you’ll need to bust a move at all of them if you want to complete the latest set of Fortnite challenges.

Alongside completing a Fortnite motorboat time trial, dancing at three steel bridges is another tricky part of the week 9 Chaos Rising Fortnite mission. Complete the set and you’ll unlock the Fortnite Chaos Rising loading screen, which will tell you the secret location of an XP dump. There’s still plenty of time to unlock the best Fortnite skins from the Battle Pass season, especially as Epic Games has pushed the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 release date back a couple of months.

Chances are, you already know where one or two of these steel bridges, but just in case you’re not sure about one of them we’ve marked all three on a handy map so you can race through this challenge in no time at all. Here’s where to dance at a green steel bridge, yellow steel bridge, and red steel bridge in Fortnite.

Fortnite Steel Bridges

Open up your map as you’re loading into your next match and mark these locations to dance at all three bridges as fast as possible.

Fortnite steel bridges map

The Fortnite green bridge goes from north to south between Frenzy Farm and Dirty Docks. The Fortnite yellow bridge can be found between Misty Meadows and the largest snow-capped mountain range. Finally, the Fortnite red bridge is between Pleasant Park and Salty Springs.

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Pop a dance emote at each spot and you’ll have completed another Fortnite challenge.

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