Fortnite Week 6 Challenges: Visit the 5 Highest Elevations | Season 8

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We are now more than halfway done with Fortnite season eight. That’s right, the week six challenges have arrived in this pirate-themed season. While this season’s challenges have been pretty tame the last few weeks, this week sees the return of the awesome challenges we’ve come to know and love with Battle Royale. One of those challenges is finding the five highest elevations on the island. We’re going to tell you where those locations are and how to get to them. We also put together a guide for visiting the wooden rabbit, stone pig, and metal llama, just in case you’re having a hard time completing that challenge too. Otherwise, let’s move onto finding the locations of the five highest elevations on the Fortnite map.

Visit the Fortnite highest elevations on the island challenge

Before we get to the highest points on the map, we have a few tips for you in doing this challenge. First, we recommend that you do this challenge in the Team Rumble mode. This reduces the number of enemies as well as gives you respawns so you don’t have to worry about dying and having to join another match.

Next, we recommend that you find a group of friends to do this challenge with. You can turn on the Party Assist mode in the challenges tab of the home screen and it will allow your teammates’ progress to count towards your challenge, too. This is a great way to quickly visit all five of the highest elevations on the island. Lastly, you don’t need to visit all five of the locations in the same match so don’t worry about that. You can simply grab what you can, leave, and join a new match.

As for identifying the highest elevations in Fortnite, there are a couple of ways that you’ll know you’re in the right spot for this challenge. When you visit these locations, you’ll find a sign that notes how high the spot is. The game will also notify you when you’re in the right area.

Fortnite highest elevations location: Volcano

The first location that we are going to visit is also the highest point on the island. That location is the top of the volcano that was added with the start of season eight. It is an unnamed location but you can certainly see its huge presence on the main map. There are really only two ways to get up to this point of the volcano. You will need to either land on it or just the volcano’s vent to get up there. The point itself is on the southern side of the volcano’s summit. You will find the sign here that you need to visit. The volcano is 172 meters high.

Fortnite highest elevations location: Polar Peak castle

The second highest point on the island will take us to the western side of the map where we will spend the rest of the challenge. We need to head to the Polar Peak castle that was added with the start of the season seven map. It is fairly far from the volcano so you will likely have to do it in another game or, better yet, grab one of the new vehicles like the Baller.

Once you reach the Polar Peak, you need to head to the highest tower in the castle of Polar Peak for the second highest point. Once you are on top of the tower, you’ll find this particular sign pointing west, noting that the Polar Peak is at a height of 170 meters — only slightly lower than the volcano’s highest point.

Fortnite highest elevations locations: Polar Peak Submarine

Now it’s time to head to the third highest point on the Battle Royale map. This one is just slightly southwest of the Polar Peak point. Head to Frosty Flights and just east of that is a very thin and hard to reach ice peak that has a submarine stuck at the top of it.

This is the second hardest point to reach. This is because the ice peak is so thin and narrow and you can’t just run up it. You will need to land here at the start of a match, use the Baller vehicle, or build yourself up there.

We used some good old fashion building to get up there but even that is difficult due to how the peak is shaped. Thankfully, you don’t need to get on top of the submarine itself for this one to count. The sign will note that this peak is at a height of only 130 meters.

Fortnite highest elevations location: Snobby Shores Mountain

Fortunately, the last two locations are right next to each other and, oddly enough, the same height. If you are coming from the previous two locations, you will need to head north towards Snobby Shores. We need to reach the mountain that is located slightly northeast of Snobby Shores and directly north of the Viking village.

If you happened to grab yourself a Baller vehicle then this will be super easy to do. You will just need to grapple and boost your way up the mountain to the top. Otherwise, you will need to build a ramp up to the top of the mountain. Once you get up here, you should get a notification that you have completed another part of the challenge. The sign up here notes that this mountain is at a height of 111 meters.

Fortnite highest elevations location: Pleasant Park Mountain

The fifth and final mountain is very close to the last one. If you are heading from the Snobby Shores mountain, all you need to do is head directly east to the mountain beside it. If you aren’t coming from that mountain, you’ll find this mountain is located just south of Pleasant Park. It is known for having a ramp up there that you can ride off of.

To get up here, you will need to do the same as the last one. You can either use the Baller vehicle to grapple and boost your way up there or you can just build yourself a nice ramp to the top where the circle of thin trees is. Once you get up here, you will get a notification that you have completed this challenge. Like the last one, the sign says that you are at a height of 111 meters.

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