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Fortnite’s Next Crossover Appears to be Batman, According to Leak

It seems like we’ll be battle royaling in the home of the caped crusader. Twitter user Lucas7yoshi has done some datamining and discovered that the next update for Fortnite includes some Batman-related content.

Likely matching up with his 80 year anniversary, and with some free Batman games on the Epic Games Store, it seems as if Fortnite is getting a Gotham City crossover. The mode itself appears to be labeled “Welcome to Gotham City”, and you’ll get some neat tools to play with. One such toy is the “Batman grapnel gun”, which will pull yourself towards targets. Another is an explosive batarang, which will home in on players, stick to walls, and explode if anyone gets near it. There’s also a list of challenges which make reference to both defusing canisters of Joker laughing gas and lighting the Bat Signal. You’ll get rewarded with Batman sprays and cosmetics for your character. Also there’s a very Batman-esque music track to go with it all.

In addition to the Batman stuff, a few other things have been leaked. Another Twitter user, Skin-Tracker, has discovered some posters for an event called “The Final Reckoning”, which appears to be a Creative mode Halloween event. Lucas7yoshi also found the mesh for a skin named “Commando Witch.”

This isn’t the first major comic crossover seen in Fortnite. Marvel has appeared several times, most notably allowing players a chance to play as Thanos by collecting Infinity Gems. There was also a 50v50 game mode where one team could pick up weapons such as Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer to fight against Thanos’ army. While he’s not a comic book, John Wick has also appeared as a guest character in Fortnite.

Fortnite is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices.

Do you think we’ll get a chance to play as Batman himself? Maybe they’ll bring back the Thanos mode as well? Can Batman even beat Thanos or would he get snapped? Let us know in the comments below!

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