Frag in style with 90fps and 10-bit HDR coming to PUBG Mobile

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Fortnite may be the king of the battle royale genre, but PUBG Corporation’s 100-person shooter is no slouch, either. The company has been constantly updating the mobile variant of the game in the last few months, with a new Infection mode and a new season that includes a Jungle map. And with the latest feature updates for PUBG Mobile, you’ll be able to see all this content in its full glory, thanks to support for 90fps gaming and 10-bit HDR.

Mobile gaming was a big focus at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit this week. To showcase its ‘elite gaming’ credentials, the company talked up its partnership with PUBG Corp. to enable 90Hz modes for the battle royale shooter. Qualcomm’s also working with PUBG Corp. parent company Tencent to enable even higher frame rates of 120Hz for some of its other titles. The latest Snapdragon chips are even slated to feature desktop-level 144Hz gaming. It’s not yet clear, though, if the higher frame rates will proliferate throughout Qualcomm’s existing lineup or if they will be exclusive to only its newest and/or highest-end chipsets.

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Alongside this, Qualcomm is also working on enabling 10-bit HDR for games, which Qualcomm contends will allow gamers to experience 1 billion different colors. Once again, the chipmaker has partnered with PUBG Corp. to bring this bleeding-edge — for mobile, at least — feature to their shooter. And with game drivers now being available via the Play Store, you could finally have near desktop-like gaming experience from a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

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The mobile version of the popular battle royale game drops you in the middle of a 100-player winner-takes-all showdown. With new seasons, maps, and game modes being added all the time, you’ll never be bored.

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