Future 2 Gamers Are Gazing an Obelisk to Unravel a New Puzzle

Tuesdays are Future 2’s weekly reset day, and this week Bungie has launched a brand new mysterious quest for gamers who’ve a move for the Season of Daybreak. Gamers have not cracked it but, and if the clues preserve coming at this present tempo, it might take some time earlier than they do.

The brand new quest, “Exploring the Corridors of Time,” begins on Mercury with Osiris. The Corridors of Time—a wierd, shifting Vex setting—have been launched at the beginning of the Season of Daybreak, which is focused on some time travel shenanigans involving Osiris and the legendary Titan Saint-14. By following sequences of symbols on Osiris’ obelisks, gamers can navigate by means of the Corridors of Time alongside paths that terminate in massive chambers. In every chamber, gamers obtain a brand new lore entry and, on the backside of a pit, can see one jumbo-sized image surrounded by a hoop of smaller sequences. Additionally, there is a grave within the chamber with a sword resting on top of it… and it may be your Guardian’s grave. Perhaps you may get a brand new blade on the finish of the search?

The Future RaidSecret subreddit is keeping track of the Corridor sequences as they’re discovered. To date, gamers have found seven legitimate paths by means of the Corridors of Time, and it seems like the big symbols on the finish of every one will type one other sequence that lays out a legitimate pathway. In style Future streamer Datto has been taking screenshots of every one and aligning them in Photoshop, however to date an entire sequence hasn’t emerged.

Within the meantime, Datto and others are simply killing time—the obelisks are solely updating with new sequences each hour and it takes about 5 minutes to observe every path to its finish. The sequences are too lengthy to be brute-forced, and to date it does not appear to be there are every other hints to the puzzle hidden within the Corridors themselves or wherever else in-game.

Hopefully the Corridors of Time do not prove like last year’s Niobe Labs puzzle, which was lacking a vital clue that Bungie did not catch till after it had already unlocked the Labs’ reward for all gamers. Earlier this month, the mercifully brief Devil’s Ruin Exotic quest made some Future 2 gamers very glad. At this price, with the Corridors of Time revealing its mysteries at a snail’s tempo, individuals with a restricted period of time to play may be higher off ready till the neighborhood’s cracked this one.

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