Future 2 speedrunner will get two One Thousand Voices exotics at AGDQ

AGDQ 2020 wrapped up as we speak after pulling in a record-breaking $3.1 million, and as all the time, there have been some really memorable runs over the week of continuous gaming. However should you’re a Future 2 participant, the Final Want velocity clear was positively on the brief checklist for ‘Most Jaw-Dropping Second.’ Because the speedrunning workforce completed the raid and picked up their rewards, one runner wound up getting One Thousand Voices, an unique fusion rifle that’s considered one of Destiny 2’s rarest exotics. After which he bought it once more.

Shockwve was a part of the six-player fireteam that deliberate on taking down The Last Wish, considered one of Future’s hardest raids, in lower than 45 minutes on the AGDQ stream. His workforce pulled it off, with time to spare – they discovered themselves within the treasure room after simply 30 minutes and 24.6 seconds. When you’ve ever tried The Final Want, you’ll know that’s an extraordinarily good time.

With a crowd already overvalued from the thrilling run, Shockwve and his teammates started opening their reward chests. Twenty-five chests spawn on this room, and you may choose whichever you need.

Right here’s what occurred (skip to 28:06:18)

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Shockwve (on the proper) picks his first chest and discovers it accommodates One Thousand Voices – and the casters, clearly, are delighted. As they level out, you possibly can efficiently full The Final Want dozens – even tons of – of occasions and never see this weapon seem, and The Final Want is the one option to get your arms on it.

Then Shockwve picks his second chest, which accommodates – you guessed it – one other One Thousand Voices. The gang goes wild.

The chances of getting a single One Thousand Voices are small. Getting two of them? Microscopic. And of getting two of them, in a row, whereas speedrunning for AGDQ as numerous 1000’s watch? That’s into “I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain” territory.

You possibly can sustain with Shockwve and his Two Thousand Voices over on Twitch, the place he recurrently streams his speedruns of Borderlands 2, A Hat in Time, and Tony Hawk’s Professional Skater 4. He’s additionally on Twitter.

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