Ghost of Tsushima’s Game Awards Trailer Gives us Samurai Drama and a Release Window

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As promised, Sony and Sucker Punch Productions debuted a new trailer for Ghost of Tsushima at The Game Awards 2019. For folks who’ve been waiting patiently for more info on the samurai epic the trailer didn’t disappoint, capping off an extended gameplay look with a release window: Summer 2020.

In the new trailer, the player character Jin Sakai is confronted by a trio of threatening warriors. Set on Japan’s Tsushima island during the Mongol invasion in 1274, Jin—the island’s last samurai—must traverse Ghost of Tsushima’s open world locale and battle back the enemy forces as best he can. As the trailer demonstrates, Jin’s pretty capable on his lonesome.

We caught our first glimpse of Ghost of Tsushima in a long while earlier this week during Sony’s last State of Play presentation of 2019. There, a short clip from the new trailer served as both a tease for Tsushima and The Game Awards. Host and executive producer Geoff Keighley quickly followed up by adding that Tsuhima’s trailer would be the award show’s longest premiere.

The last time we got an extended look at Ghost of Tsushima was during Sony’s E3 2018 showcase, where Sucker Punch showed off the first (and before today, only) look at its gameplay. That trailer culminated in a boss battle of sorts that really drove home the samurai cinema influence on Ghost of Tsushima’s presentation.

For more on Ghost of Tsushima, check out USG’s guide to everything we’ve learned about the title so far.

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