Ghost Recon Breakpoint Players Are Doing “Actual Recon” on the Upcoming Raid’s Island

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Like kids and Christmas gifts, Ghost Recon Breakpoint players don’t seem content to wait for raid day to find out what’s in store. Making use of some handy recon drones, players are already checking out what’s on the raid island, as well as sharing some early info leaks of what it might entail.

The raid, called Project Titan, takes place on a remote island in the game called Golem Island, and is set to go live sometime between now and January 2020. But, as it turns out, the island is in the game and visible by recon drones dispatched from boats, so players are already combing the place for tidbits of info.

Not everything is in place yet for the event, but a few things have been discovered already. Yesterday, one player in the Ghost Recon subreddit discovered a massive tank with what looks like an optical camo shell.

Rewards showing up in the customization menu early seem to indicate this might be a “drone titan,” which could indicate what one of the big encounters of the raid will be. Others have canvassed the coast, detailing a lot of different locales and possible arenas for some firefights.

We’ll see what actually ends up in the raid, but it’s fun that Ghost Recon players are doing “actual recon,” as they call it, to check out the raid early. Hopefully it provides what Ghost Recon players are looking for, as Breakpoint’s had a fairly mixed reaction, especially around its wild microtransactions.

If you’re grinding to get raid ready and take down some drone titans, be sure to check out guides section for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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