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Following on from our initial Godtear Guide, we’re going to look at each Godtear Champion in groups of champion types. This guide will focus on Godtear Slayer Champions and will be updated as each Champion is released into retail.

Slayers tend to be offensive focused champions, and they get bonus slides on the track for taking out enemy champions. They aren’t always huge damage dealing tanks, and usually require combo pieces that either build up to a powerful attack or work around the enemy’s abilities in order to position for a solid attack.

Godtear - Morrigan


Morrigan is a control champion and by combining effects, a great damage dealer. 

Her ultimate gives all enemies within range 3, -1 movement and -1 dodge. Which can be used to set up powerful hits, or for a great round of attacks for your side. Her passive means that she gets +2 for boons instead of +1, which is offset by the limited boons that she and her followers provide, but can be powerful depending on the boons offered by the other champions in the team.

Morrigan has 5 followers, the Cold Bones, who can give her +1 accuracy (which means +2 because of Morrigan’s passive) or +1 movement (which also means +2). This can give Morrigan a first turn movement of 4 to place a banner, but it does mean leaving her followers behind. The Cold Bones have a movement of 1 in both phases, but Morrigan can give them a 2 hex boost in the plot phase. The purpose of the Cold Bones is to get in close to Morrigan’s targets and reduce their damage-dealing capacity with Chill Out in the plot phase. They also want to get in the way of enemies, forcing them to take them out, because whenever an enemy uses a skill to remove a Cold Bones, they get a -1 dodge blight.

Morrigan’s attacks all require some build-up to be effective. Snowball’s Chance gives a target wounds until they are knocked out, but with range 1, 1 accuracy and 2 damage dice, it’s a slim chance. But when combined with her plot phase Frosty Glance and if the Cold Bones boost her accuracy, pulling it off becomes more likely and very deadly. Similarly, with Iceblade, it’s a range 1, 5/5 attack that does +1 damage if the target has blights for movement, accuracy, and damage. She has the tools for all of these blights. Movement is handled by her ultimate, accuracy by her 7/3 Icebolt attack and damage through the Cold Bones’ Chill Out attack. 

Morrigan’s attacks require some set-up, and they’re unlikely to happen in 1 turn without the support of other champions, but when pulled off, she can wipe out enemy champions quickly and effectively. Your opponent will be forced to make actions they might not want to make, in order to remove blights to stop her attacks being effective. This level of control is extremely damaging to your opponent’s game because it’s almost certainly going to be a non-optimized action, with the added effect of the blight as well.

Godtear - Lorsann


Lorsann is another combo Champion, but rather than being able to deal lots of damage, she can consistently deal damage to just about any target from range.

Her ultimate is a range 3, 6 accuracy attack that deals 2 straight wounds if it hits the target. It may not sound like much, but it’s an attack that can be used in the plot phase, which can really hamper your enemy’s plans if you’ve been building up damage on a target. Her passive lets her move 1 hex after inflicting damage with a skill, which means that she has the option to move 2 hexes for free during 2 attacks in the clash phase, which can be great for positioning into or out of trouble.

Lorsann has 3 followers, The Mistwood Rangers. They can give themselves a dodge boon in the plot phase and an accuracy boon in the clash phase. They get +1 damage dice if their target is wounded champion, which gives them a range 3, 5/6 attack. They’re great for keeping pressure on targets you are building up wounds on.

Lorsann has plot phase options to give herself a damage boon, or an attack to give her targets a defense blight. Then in the clash phase, she has 3 attack options which are all range 3. Piercing Shot is a 5 accuracy attack that deals 1 straight wound, which is great for high armor targets. Mystic Arrow has 3 accuracy but has 2x 5 damage rolls, which is devastating against low armor high wound targets. Her third option is Snipe, an 8 accuracy 4 damage attack for anything with a high dodge. And don’t forget, she can move 1 after each hit that causes damage.

Lorsann’s consistent attack options at range means that your opponents will have to close the distance between her and her followers if they want to stop her, which means that either the pressure comes off your other Champions, or they don’t and they have to ride out her damage.


The stat cards for all of the Godtear Champions can be downloaded from Steamforged Games’ Godtear page.

Which is your favorite Slayer? Do you run a Slayer in your warband? Do you run more than 1 Slayer? Let us know in the comments below.

The Godtear Products used to produce this guide were provided by Steamforged Games.

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