Golf Story is Getting a Sequel Called Sports Story—And Yes, It Has Even More Sports

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Sidebar Games’ golf-centric role-playing game is expanding to the whole wide world of sports. Sports Story, the follow-up to Golf Story, is coming mid-2020, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

While you’re still overcoming obstacles with sporting equipment, Sports Story is expanding beyond the realms of golf. Volleyball, soccer, and tennis all look to be on the docket for your adventuring athlete to tackle. And, of course, there’s still some golf.

The story this time goes some strange places, though. It seems like you get up to some tactical espionage action, taking out cameras with golf balls and sneaking around with spies. What sort of athletic sneaking mission could your character be up to?

Golf Story was one of 2017’s surprise hits, especially for those who love the older Mario Golf games. In lieu of a new Mario sports spinoff for the Switch (seriously, how have we only had Mario Tennis Aces?), Sports Story looks like it could sate the need.

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