Google Stadia Gets Another Timed Exclusive in Multiplayer Indie Spitlings

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Spitlings is a multiplayer co-op game from Handygames, where players are tasked to clear all the bubbles in a 2D level with their spit. It just so happens to be the second timed exclusive game for Google’s Stadia.

Revealed in the Stadia announcement trailer below, Spitlings has well over 100 levels at launch for you to play through with up to three other players. It’s a competition to see who can eliminate as many monsters as quickly as possible, all in a bullet hell-like, but colorful, environment.

A twist with Spitlings is that if one player dies in co-op, you all have to start the level again from scratch. So while you’re competing against other players to burst the most bubbles possible, you’ve also got to make sure everyone makes it out alive at the end of the level.

But Spitlings isn’t a strict exclusive to Google Stadia. When the game does eventually release—it doesn’t have a release date or window right now—it’ll launch on Stadia first. At a later date, it’ll arrive on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

Spitlings is the second timed exclusive for Google Stadia, following behind Gylt. The horror-adventure game from Tequila Works was available on Google Stadia exclusively, when the platform launched on November 19 last week. But like Spitlings, Gylt will be arriving on additional platforms at a later date.

Google Stadia might have only just launched, but several key features won’t be going live until 2020. To see what we made of Google’s venture into the gaming space, read out full Stadia review.

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