Google Stadia Will Utilize “Negative Latency” Input Prediction to be “Faster than Local Gaming Systems”

Google’s Vice President of Engineering Madj Bakar has given statements claiming Google Stadia- Google’s game streaming service and hardware- would be faster than even a local gaming device via “input prediction” to produce “negative latency.”

Speaking to Edge Magazine in issue #338, Bakar claimed the service would be even faster than a local gaming system within a few years. “Ultimately, we think in a year or two we’ll have games that are running faster and feel more responsive in the cloud than they do locally, regardless of how powerful the local machine is.”

The surprising claim comes from Google’s “negative latency” system to act as a counter to actual latency via streaming. Described as a buffer of predicted latency, the Stadia will then run lag mitigation via increasing the FPS to reduce latency further, or predictive button inputs.

While Google has utilized prediction technology with search engines and Google Home, will it work for video games?

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Editor’s Note: Featured image is from Star Trek

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