Gotta stay safe!

Gotta stay safe!


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26 Thoughts to “Gotta stay safe!”

  1. I actually won a solo game hiding in the fields in fatal fields once so lucky 😂😂

  2. Cant say their build fighting their more like play barbie house in their boxes now i see why deaquan be playin modernwarfare😂

  3. Us Lily Colhoun & we still win 😆

  4. Kevin Kleiber haha 😂 c tellement toi

  5. Tannor Slaughter literally us last night in that bush😂

  6. Alex Bunning when you were in that bush that time

  7. Treston Earley Treston Earley Treston Earley Treston Earley Treston Earley

  8. Jacob third party all the way 😂😂😂

  9. Andrea Solly us and then we just run around the bottom 😂😂😂

  10. This what I should do aye Stacey lol 😂

  11. Accurate af. Off to creative to teach myself how to build

  12. Will Olenick this is the other teams when we get top 5 😂

  13. Quavo Banks “We gotta get to zone”

  14. Anthony Matthews me in creative yesterday.

  15. Donté Thomas just cause that’s my favorite skin

  16. Beibs Osborne this you now bro? 😂

  17. Eslynn Tiaore when we got trapped and all those teams were buliding above us lmao

  18. Daniel Borthwick me during your grenade play

  19. Coray if this ain’t us 😂😂😂 luckily for us Zachary and Michael can 😂😂

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