Gotta use natural cover sometimes!

Gotta use natural cover sometimes!


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43 Thoughts to “Gotta use natural cover sometimes!”

  1. Danielle Colella Cj Colella haha fuckin facts right here! 😂😂😂

  2. Kieran Ball this last game Dan De Caires

  3. Matthew Dixon Owen Haymer me yesterday in pleasant

  4. Lex Helmbright Galvin when you go looting by yourself

  5. Remember Niggas chased us Joe Lo 😂

  6. Flyn Lohan standing behind a tree watching you in a build battle

  7. Me yesterday in end game 1 v 1 v 1 and no mats covering on everyone else’s build

  8. Jake Neale bro my ping just went upto 1000

  9. This is Ryan when we play Charlie Cousins lol

  10. Jonty Nathan Chase Awanui this was us during the heist mission last night 😂

  11. Scotty Shanmugam. But you do the opposite

  12. Dusty Lee-Ceissman. This is us with Matt’s lol

  13. Last night I was playing squads ace hood got a victory royal

  14. Nicolas Nicolson “ i don’t even have a gun”😂😂

  15. David Sustaita bro this was me yesterday lol

  16. Luke Allsopp get behind that tree kid weve got vincent

  17. Andréze Kemp you know this to well right 🤣

  18. Brad Hansen Drew Jones this is me but with full mats

  19. Jordan Parry
    Me when you die and I’m waiting to get your revive card 🤣

  20. Daniel Robertson Aaron Urrutia that type I hid under that blokes building for all of the final phases 😂

  21. Joshua Porter me that drop with 3 duos yesterday spraying me from every angle haha

  22. Jacob Thomas Stefan Callow this is me even when I have mats 😂

  23. when a whole squad ran through the bush i was in, but still didn’t see me in the bush

  24. I t posed behind a tree as the army man skin and had a team directly infront of me lmao

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