Grandia HD Remaster for PC Delayed to October 15, Grandia HD Collection Switch Update Coming November 12

GungHo Online have announced Grandia HD Remaster on PC will be delayed. In addition, the publisher has announced an update will be coming to Grandia HD Collection on Nintendo Switch.

In an announcement on Twitter, GungHo Online posted a statement regarding both the upcoming release of Grandia HD Remaster on PC, and Grandia HD Collection on Nintendo Switch.

Firstly, the feedback from the HD Collection has been taken on board, and an update will be coming November 12th. To ensure the PC version of Grandia HD Remaster is of the same quality, the game’s release has been delayed to October 15th.

“To our Grandia and Grandia II fans worldwide:

We thank you for your shared excitement regarding the release of the Grandia and Grandia II HD remasters on PC. Since the release of the Grandia HD Collection on the Nintendo Switch, we have been closely following your feedback and comments across all of our available channels of communication. While we continue to concentrate on creating the best experience for our audiences on both the Nintendo Switch and PC, we are taking our time to resolve these issues.

It is with this in mind that we are happy to announce that the first patch for the Nintendo Switch will be available on November 12, with more details to be announced at a later date. In order to replicate this same experience for our PC users, the release date has been postponed until October 15. We offer our sincerest apologies for those who have been looking forward to the the PC remasters, and know that we are working as quickly and carefully as possible to resolve these issues. We thank you for your patience, and hope you continue to look forward to its release.

We will update our community as we progress with fixing these issues.

Thank you.”

A day later, GungHo Online also announced that Grandia II Anniversary Edition would be updated and become Grandia II HD Remaster on October 15th. Users will also be able to switch back when opening the game.

“Relive the classic JRPG from developer Game Arts and publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America when it becomes available on October 15th for $19.99 on PC. Those who currently own, and those who purchase, the GRANDIA II Anniversary Edition in their Steam Library, will automatically switch over to the GRANDIA II HD Remaster, and will have the option to switch back if they choose upon opening the game. Follow the story of the young Geohound, Ryudo, as he is tasked with protecting the songstress Elena as they journey to prevent the return of the god of evil, Valmar. The GRANDIA II HD Remaster includes:

  • Enhanced details to UI, sprites, and texture art
  • Original cinematic videos receiving visual enhancements
  • Widescreen support and customizable resolutions (only for PC)
  • Audio: Japanese and English
  • Language Support: Original English plus New French and German translation (Japanese added at a later date)”

Grandia HD Collection is out now on Nintendo Switch. Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II HD Remaster will launch on October 15th for Windows PC.

In case you missed it, you can find our Grandia HD Collection review here.

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