Grindstone Update Finally Lets You Listen to Whatever You Want While You Hack and Slash Away

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Out of the multitude of games launched with Apple’s Arcade service, Grindstone has been one of the breakout hits. But its unique blend of matching strategy and cartoon hack-and-slash has one fatal flaw: players aren’t able to listen to music or podcasts while they played. That is, until today.

Announced on developer Capy Games’ Twitter feed, today’s patch will let Grindstone players chop through enemies to their heart’s content without missing a second of their favorite podcasts. It’s a win all around for people who, like me, need media feeds blown into my brain at all times.

It’s a great addition for a game that has so much replayability, through so many levels of trying to nail that three-star rating and perfectly mow through the endless adorable hordes.

It also reinforces our pick of Grindstone as one of the games you should be playing if you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber. Alongside a bunch of other games that have hit the service, Grindstone has been one of the major breakouts, especially around these parts.

If you’re looking for a podcast to listen to, Capy Games suggested one in its replies. But let us offer our own suggestion: the one and only podcast for spicy RPG takes and retro-critique, USgamer’s own Axe of the Blood God. It’s everything a growing Grindstone player needs to stay up to date with RPGs while slashing through hordes of enemies.

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