Gris Is Coming to PS4 Next Week With Retouched 4K-Ready Artwork

If you marveled at the hand drawn art and watercolors of Nomada Studios’ Gris last year but never played it—or if you did and fell in love—next week might be the right time to (re)play the indie platformer. Nomada and publisher Devolver Digital have announced that Gris is coming to the PlayStation 4 on November 26.

In a post on the Official PlayStation Blog, Nomada’s Roger Mendoza talks through what the PS4 version of Gris packs that its PC, Mac, Switch, and iOS versions don’t. While they’re not calling this release a remaster, Mendoza says that over 5,000 unique art assets have been revamped in order to take full advantage of 4K displays via the PS4 Pro. Mendoza also promises some unspecified quality of life improvements and adds that an exclusive homage to a game that inspired Gris has been added to the PlayStation release.

While Mendoza’s post doesn’t come right out and confirm it, it’s likely that the homage will be a nod to 2012’s Journey. Not only has Nomada cited Journey as an influence in the past, but Mendoza goes on to note that the team’s excited for Gris to come to the same platform:

On a more personal note, we would like to take a moment to express what an honor it is to even share a platform with thatgamecompany’s Journey, a game than not only did we love when we played it on PlayStation 3 but that has also become a great inspiration during these last few years! We hope that players find a similar level of emotional engagement with Gris and see how the iconic Journey influenced the design and feeling of Gris.

Today, Limited Run Games also opened up pre-orders for a physical edition of Gris for PS4, which will come with art cards featuring illustrations from the game. The PlayStation Store page for Gris isn’t up yet, but the physical edition costs $29.99 USD.

For more on Gris, check out Hirun’s review of the Nintendo Switch version.

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