GTA V has sold-in over 115 million copies

November 8, 2019 It would appear that Grand Theft Auto V sales can simply not be stopped.

Sure, it’s had a few years to get there, but Grand Theft Auto V has now reached another enormous sales milestone. During its most recent earnings call (transcribed by MFTranscribers; via, publisher Take-Two Interactive has revealed that the series has now sold-in more than 115 million copies.

That’s a hugely impressive figure in its own right, but it’s also indicative of how much GTA V’s audiences continue to grow. The game, which first released on console in 2013, reached the 100 million sales milestone in November 2018, and 110 million as of May this year, meaning it’s gained another 5 million sales in just six months.

For a six-year-old game, that’s an impressive figure. While the game’s ongoing popularity has been more than proven by this point, a surge in GTA V roleplay earlier this year may have helped contribute to the uptick. Earlier in 2019, several major streamers began playing, causing GTA V to rocket to the top of Twitch, and certain roleplay servers to stop accepting new applications.

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