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Guild Ball is a tabletop skirmish wargame with a soccer twist by Steamforged Video games. Gamers tackle the function of a Guild Coach and take a staff of 6 gamers onto the pitch. Gamers win by being the primary to 12 factors, that are scored with objectives and by taking opposing gamers out.

The Cooks attempt to cease the Navigators as they break free with the ball.

Guild Ball Information – Mechanics

Guild Ball has some attention-grabbing mechanics that make it stand out as a sport based mostly wargame. The primary is the Affect and Momentum mechanics that outline every flip.

Every participant on the staff generates an quantity of affect. In addition they have a most affect worth that’s larger than the quantity they generate. Participant generated affect goes right into a pool and might be allotted to every participant, as much as their most affect worth. Factors are used for something apart from a primary transfer, so assaults, kicking the ball and utilizing particular skills all use affect factors. Which means you must plan the actions of your staff initially of every flip, ensuring that every participant has the affect they should full the actions that you just want them to.

Momentum is generated by finishing spectacular actions, akin to efficiently passing the ball, scoring a objective and taking out opposing gamers. Momentum is then used to make pictures on objective, recuperate participant’s well being and give bonus cube to exams.

Momentum and Affect are misplaced every flip they aren’t used, so correct planning and environment friendly administration of them is as very important as participant positioning and information of yours and your opponent’s gamers.

That is Sugar’s, from the Cooks Guild, Playbook. From left to proper. 1 hit means she will decide from the primary column and do 1 harm, or use the T to sort out and take the ball of her opponent. 2 hits means she will do 2 harm, or she will transfer 1 inch away. three hits offers her entry to a particular possibility or a dodge transfer of two inches and Four hits offers her entry to three harm.

One other distinctive mechanic are the participant’s playbooks. Every assault that hits generates an possibility on a harm chart referred to as the playbook. The extra hits, the higher the choices that unlock, like elevated harm, knocking a participant over or taking the ball from a carrying participant.

Each character in Guild Ball has a singular playbook, stats and set of abilities. Some have synergies with different members of their staff, akin to a bonus to protection if their inside a sure distance. When selecting gamers on your staff, the one restriction is the Guild you select. There aren’t any factors values for gamers, so as soon as a staff measurement has been determined between gamers, you might be free to decide on your staff from the guild miniatures out there. Groups can solely have 1 captain and 1 mascot, however all different gamers might be chosen freely.

Guild Ball Information – What do you must play?

The whole lot required to play Guild Ball, together with printable standups is accessible without cost on the SFG web site.

To play Guild Ball you want:

  • The foundations
  • A guild (together with Stat Playing cards)
  • Tokens and Templates
  • Gameplan Playing cards
  • Cube (6-sided cube or D6)

All of those, together with paper standups to symbolize your Guild, can be found without cost on the SFG website so that you can print, so that you solely want to supply cube to check out a sport of Guild Ball. You should use a tape measure for a lot of the template necessities, however getting access to the official templates does make issues simpler. Tokens will also be represented by cube as effectively, or you possibly can simply word down scores and participant affect on a bit of paper.

Guild Ball is at present in Season 4, so if you’re going to play you have to the Season Four guidelines and playing cards.

Subsequent Steps

The Guild Units embrace every part you must play that Guild, just like the Cooks Guild field pictured above.

If you happen to don’t wish to play with paper cut-outs, or should you’ve performed with them to check it and wish to transfer to the following stage, your subsequent buy ought to be a Guild miniatures boxed set, You may see a short overview of all of the Guilds beneath to see which model of play may go well with you finest.

Every of the brand new guild containers incorporates 6 pre-assembled, coloured miniatures, together with 1 Captain, 1 Mascot, and Four gamers. In addition they embrace a themed Guild ball and surroundings piece, in addition to well being dials and tokens related to the particular skills of the gamers.

One of many older Guild Ball containers for the Butcher’s Guild alongside the newer model field for the Cooks Guild.

There are some older Guild Ball miniatures containers nonetheless in circulation, and these include metallic miniatures that want meeting. These are nonetheless authorized to be used in Guild Ball and the participant playing cards for them are the identical as they’re for all Guilds through the web site.

There may be additionally an especially useful 2-player Starter-Set known as Kick-Off, which was a part of Season three and is now out of print, however it incorporates a card pitch, 2 groups and all of the tokens and templates you want for video games of Guild Ball. If you happen to managed to discover a copy, you’ll be able to print the up to date rule and participant card from the SFG web site.

If you happen to can’t pay money for Kick-Off, you should buy third-party mats to symbolize the pitch, in addition to acrylic tokens and templates. SFG have additionally produced themed cube for every Guild and a further surroundings set to differ your video games of Guild Ball.

The cube and templates from Guild Ball Kick Off.

Guild Ball Information – Guilds

Guilds are break up into 2 varieties, Main and Minor. Main Guilds have entry to 2 Captains and extra gamers. Minor Guilds are extra restrictive of their participant selection. All Minor Guilds have an related Main Guild, and they can use some gamers from that.

Main Guilds

  • Alchemist – The Alchemists have a lot of space of impact choices, like to trigger circumstances on gamers by making them transfer by way of harmful areas.
  • Blacksmiths – The Blacksmiths make the most of synergies between Masters and Apprentices. Have a singular staff choice. Very reliant on activation sequencing. Have the potential to deal a lot of harm.
  • Brewers – The Brewers like to combat and might take a load of injury because of this. Excel at forcing by way of harm and beating groups with power of numbers late sport.
  • Butchers – The Butchers deal harm and are nearly solely centered on this.
  • Engineers – The Engineers are very correct and have some attention-grabbing toys to be used in-game.
  • Farmers – The Farmers Have a singular mechanic with some gamers putting harvest markers and different gamers selecting them up to make use of them.
  • Fishermen – The Fishermen are very quick and correct, centered on scoring and susceptible to beatings.
  • Hunters – The Hunters are in a position to lay traps, to allow them to assault their goal at vary whereas preserving themselves out of hazard.
  • Masons – The Masons are a really balanced staff, with equal offense and protection, entry to some strong buffs and debuffs.
  • Morticians – The Morticians are all about management, messing with the opposition, bodily and mentally.
  • Union – The Union are made up of specialists, who excel at particular person jobs. Balancing the gamers on the staff is crucial.

Minor Guilds

  • Cooks (Butchers Minor Guild) – Extra centered on taking out enemies than the Butchers and extra vulnerable to return harm because of this.
  • Falconers (Hunters Minor Guild) – Superb and build up and taking damaging from distance
  • Navigators (Fishermen Minor Guild) – Nice at scoring, not very powerful.
  • Order (Union Minor Guild) – Very quick and aggressive objective scoring. Have choices with a further ball.
  • Ratcatchers (Mortician minor Guild) – Just like the Morticians, like to mess with their opponents and have entry to the illness mechanic.

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