Half-Life: Alyx First Details Are Here: Taking Place Between 1 and 2, Set for 2020

Valve revealed the first look at the next Half-Life game, called Half-Life: Alyx, today. Exclusive to virtual reality devices, Half-Life: Alyx will take place between the first two Half-Life games and launch in March 2020.

The sequel was announced on Monday after a leak started rumors swirling about a VR-only Half-Life game. Valve is no stranger to the world of virtual reality, developing the HTC Vive and the Valve Index, a sleek but expensive headset for immersing yourself in a virtual world.

This new Half-Life game has you playing as Alyx Vance rather than the usual silent protagonist of the series Gordon Freeman. It looks like you’ll be fighting through the Combine’s occupation of Earth in order to rescue Alyx’s father, Dr. Eli Vance.

Gameplay looks to make good use of both the VR headset and motion controllers, as you can rummage through trash for spare shotgun shells, load and fire weapons, and peer around corners. One moment that stands out is when Alyx (or rather, the player) is operating a terminal with one hand and firing at Combine with the other.

Despite Valve having its own headset on the market, the company confirmed that Half-Life: Alyx will be compatible with other VR headsets. This includes the Windows Mixed Reality set, Valve’s own Index, the HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift and Quest. Its launch will also include a new update to the Source 2 engine, according to the Half-Life: Alyx site, which will let users design their own environments to explore.

You can check out the Steam store page here.

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