Here are some of my tips for defeating the Storm King: BE MOBILE: You have to u…

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Here are some of my tips for defeating the Storm King:

BE MOBILE: You have to use purple areas on the ground to move around. This will help you escape zombies and get good angles on the Storm King's weak points.

USE MOUNTED TURRETS: Mounted Turrets are amazing and they are capable of dealing massive damage. I suggest you to use them when attacking the horn. Since they don't drop very often, make sure you use them wisely and fortify the structure it is placed on.

SMG IS DEADLY: While Assault Rifles are good, they can't compare to SMGs when it comes to DPS. Use two or more Submachine Guns to quickly weaken the Storm King while his weak points are exposed.

DON'T PICK UP SHIELDS: Inventory space is limited and I don't suggest you to carry shields in it. You get shield points for eliminating zombies, so you should save your space for other healing items, such as Chug Splashes.

CHUG SPLASHES ARE AMAZING: Not only do they restore health and shield, but they can also be used from range and they can keep your knocked down teammates alive for longer periods.

STAY ALIVE AND HELP YOUR TEAMMATES: This mode is about attack, but your attacks won't be effective if you only have two or three players on the team. Avoid attacks by the Storm King, escape zombies and take them down from distance, and revive any fallen teammate.

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  1. Lê Châu
  2. De'Aries Collins
  3. Woody Smith
  4. Shawn Mcelravy
  5. Tristan Karaba
  6. Anthony Johnson
  7. Trevor Campbell
  8. Jeremy Williams
  9. Emma Keay
  10. Phillip Cordova
  11. Jesa Garcia Q
  12. James Hamblin
  13. Imogen Mantle
  14. Li Markland
  15. Nathalie Nath Zen
  16. Thomas Meehan
  17. Michael W Denton
  18. Jessica Terwilliger
  19. Shanise Venegas
  20. Carlos Febus
  21. Carlos Alejandro Castillo
  22. Jaqueline Celestino
  23. Abigail Rhodes
  24. Brandon Jacob Herron
  25. Savannah Revard
  26. Anthony Johnson
  27. Rob Bartz
  28. Brandon Jacob Herron
  29. Jamil Marable Jr.
  30. Kayla Hayes

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