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Here is everything we know about the Batman event: – Tilted Town will be replac…

Here is everything we know about the Batman event:

– Tilted Town will be replaced by Gotham City

– Two new items (Batarang and Grapnel Gun) will come to the game and will have the Mythic rarity. This makes it very likely that they will be available only in a special LTM.

– A special set of challenges will be added and players will earn cosmetic items and Battle Stars from it.

– So far, there is a Batman cape and a glider, but the outfit/skin hasn't been found. This does not mean that the skin will not be released, but do not get your hopes up.

– Cosmetic items which are not obtained for competing challenges will most likely be released as a bundle.

– The event will most likely start in September 21 aka the Batman Day.


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38 Thoughts to “Here is everything we know about the Batman event: – Tilted Town will be replac…”

  1. Henrick Lamothe jsuis quand mm down pour gotham

  2. Thomas Cavaleiro ils vont faire gotham city va falloir que je rejoue haha

  3. Julien Baillet Tom Herman eh merceee ça met batman en ps store et ya plus personne sur le jeu, du coup fornite tsb

  4. Fortnite just purely rapes my bank more than tax does 😏

  5. Ben Johnston dw bout the pennywise skin ahah

  6. theres actually 3 encrypted skins 2 male and 1 female

  7. ইমতিয়াজুল ইসলাম ইমতি bro batman is coming

  8. Noooo but I’ll be away exactly on that day 😭😭😭

  9. Jason Brian im spending all my vbucks if they actually add ricardo doooooodd , imagine ricardo dancing when u kill someone HAHAHA

  10. Cameron Smith Gotham city instead of tilted town 😱😱

  11. they wouldnt have a Cape without a skin…

  12. Richard Smith g the new Batman coming out soon

  13. Look the back house better still be there Daniel Tzelepis

  14. Antonio L. Moffitt if they come out with a Batman outfit it’s wraps bro I’m getting it

  15. What about IT is that still a thing or nah

  16. It may not be a batman skin. Batman doesnt carry guns blahhlahblsh

  17. I hope they cancel the fuck out of this

  18. Wonder what happened with the Pennywise Event?

  19. Why? Harley Quinn is the one who has a movie coming out.

  20. Can we get a Harley Quinn skin and emote ? 😂😂

  21. Will those battle stars change to xp if one has completed the battle pass ?

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