Here is everything we know about the Batman event: – Tilted Town will be replac…

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Here is everything we know about the Batman event:

– Tilted Town will be replaced by Gotham City

– Two new items (Batarang and Grapnel Gun) will come to the game and will have the Mythic rarity. This makes it very likely that they will be available only in a special LTM.

– A special set of challenges will be added and players will earn cosmetic items and Battle Stars from it.

– So far, there is a Batman cape and a glider, but the outfit/skin hasn't been found. This does not mean that the skin will not be released, but do not get your hopes up.

– Cosmetic items which are not obtained for competing challenges will most likely be released as a bundle.

– The event will most likely start in September 21 aka the Batman Day.

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  1. Sebastien Salvail
  2. François Brugiere Cavaleiro
  3. Loic Kariger
  4. Jacob Webber
  5. Jordan Dixon
  6. Brock Aaron D'Elton
  7. Jackson Salter
  8. Brendan Vuong
  9. Stevo Carolan
  10. Ankon Chowdhury
  11. Cayla Johnston
  12. Ethan Bevan
  13. Robert Hendricks
  14. Xavier Antony Szeto
  15. Thomas Wong
  16. Adam Pakau
  17. Melanie Tapia
  18. Pat Myott
  19. TJ McVicker
  20. Sonny Nicoll
  21. Jokewise Crimson
  22. Dylan Pohl
  23. Ivan Portillo
  24. Ben Jurkovic
  25. Bostin Hand
  26. Khynan Turnbull
  27. Dan Perez
  28. Mike DiGiacomo
  29. Travis Collins
  30. Terra Brunson
  31. Menno van Verseveld
  32. CJ Vue
  33. Mark Joseph Davis
  34. Junior Rueda
  35. Matt Boyette
  36. Melinda Snead
  37. Joseph Dickey
  38. Charlie Hunter

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