Here’s Your First Glimpse of Fortnite Chapter 2, Thanks to This Leaked Trailer

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Fortnite may have imploded over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to come. Fans have been digging for whatever is next, and it looks like some of it has already leaked online.

A trailer for Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 1 was leaked online and quickly disseminated throughout various Fortnite channels and social accounts. While the video was being taken down gradually, it spread like wildfire. According to esports consultant Rod Breslau, Epic has “allowed” the trailer to be posted now, and Fortnite should be returning in a few hours.

Fortnite is approaching its 24th hour of downtime after a black hole annihilated the map over the weekend. Left with nothing but a swirling void on-screen, players have been left to wonder what is next for the battle royale. While it’s likely this is the big reveal of a new map—something that other battle royales like PUBG and Apex Legends have messed with, but never Fortnite—it’s unclear exactly when it will go live.

In the trailer, you can see a bunch of new cosmetics, as well as fishing and boats. Could the next season see the implementation of some new vehicles, maybe to adapt to more water-logged surroundings? We can’t quite make out how different the overall map is yet or if it’s a completely new one, but we’ll know more for sure once the update launches.

Keep an eye on our Fortnite guides section, where we’ll be tracking all the new changes coming to Fortnite with this new chapter in the game’s life.

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